It is really fascinating how dramatically things have changed in the dating scene over the decades. Thankfully most of these changes have been positively liberating for the most part.
Dating for seniors appears to be one aspect of dating that may still be lagging behind a bit in the dating evolution. This may be primarily as a result of the approach to dating, most individuals over 40, 50 or 60 tend to have towards dating.
Trying to date as an older person whether as a perennial singleton, due to divorce or loss of a partner may seem a little tricky. This is often due to lack of proper information and enlightenment on the subject of “older dating“, although this needn’t be so, but do not fret we are totally committed to making the most useful information and trends available to you.

There are so many great reasons why dating for over 60s could be exceptionally awesome and make your later years the most exciting time of your life. This of course is exciting news for everyone at this age and even for the younger generations.
Like dating at all levels of life, there are certain unique tips and facts to know when looking to date as an older person.

Online dating services greatly help to simplify the search process

As an older person seeking new relationships and partners, It can easily feel like the dating pool is small and unfavorable. Although according to the facts this isn’t necessarily so, the real issue appears to be meeting people. Some statistics show that since the 1970s there has been a 40% rise in widows, widowers and divorcees willing to remarry or engage in casual dating. Granted there may not be an infinite amount people to choose from. Nonetheless online dating services have greatly simplified this dilemma, by making it possible to simply sign up and search for prospective dates. There are so many great online dating services for older people tailored to suit even the most stringent standards and requirements.

There’s the option of dating younger people

Yes it is quite common to get the “no-no-no feeling” for some individuals at this level of life, when the topic of dating younger people comes up, but as the saying goes “never say never” its important to have an open mind and consider various possibilities when it comes to dating, a lot of people miss out on so much, as a result of being too set in their ways. A lot of older people now engage in relationships with individuals that are significantly younger than they are, and we have seen and heard so many positive results. Many relationships blossom and flourish despite huge age differences.

It is important to know what you want

No! this is not some hard and fast rule. It is OK to make mistakes, learn from them and retrace your steps, but when it comes to the matters of the heart, one wrong move can do irreparable damage. It is important to get your priorities right and know what you want. Looking to remarry, settle down or engage in long-term and permanent relationships may be quite different from just wanting to date casually or hook up. It is important to have clear-cut definitions of what you want to avoid ending up in awkward or hurtful situations.

The dating scene at this level is a little different for Heterosexual men and women

As much as society and modern dating trends want to make senior dating appear to be straight forward for men and women, this may not be so. There are certain differences for men and women.

Some statistics show that for women above 50 looking to dip their feet into the dating world again, only 1 in every 20 are likely to successfully enter new long-term relationships and/or remarry. This is different for men who record a slightly better success rate, that sees 5 in every 20 men over 50 successfully re-enter the dating scene. The reason for this has been shown to simply be down to the fact older men tend to be more open to dating younger women. Society of course has had a big role to play in this regard. Thankfully things are positively changing steadily. There are great cougar dating sites for older women to search for and create friendships and relationships with younger men. Sugar mummy dating is a trend that has come to stay and thankfully it’s becoming more common place and inevitably more embraced by society. So as an older woman seeking relationship with younger men, you simply need to find what works for you and make your senior years and absolute blast.

It is best to always be honest about your past.

At this point in your life, a lot is expected to have happened, and there’s no kidding about this. It is best to be honest with your new and prospective partners, about certain things like what you want from the relationship, potential complications with exes and past partners, adult children and family issues, especially when seeking long-term relationships. Being dishonest will definitely be counter productive in the long run.

Be safe, Avoid people trying to take advantage of you.

There are a lot of people looking to take advantage, from gold diggers to people unsure about what they want. it is important to know and define what you want as explicitly as possible.
Thankfully online dating affords you the opportunity to first develop a good mental and emotional relationship with potential dates and partners, before venturing into the physical aspects of the relationship.

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  1. It’s all good,online dating could be successful. However it’s important to know what one want and it should be done with caution, especially if it’s an intending long-term relationship.

  2. My mother passed away two and a half years ago. My dad has re-entered the dating scene. I know it’s hard for him and yet at the same time, he acknowledges that he wants companionship.

  3. There are couples who met through dating app which is good for them. I agree that we all should be honest about our past and to know what we want before taking any action.

  4. Such a great post! I know many people who have met on dating apps. It’s important to be careful since people can lie on line, but it’s a good way to break the ice and see if you have things in common before meeting especially if you have not dated in a while.


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