Interview with the creator of a store

– Good afternoon! You said that you have always dreamed of creating your own project to realize your potential. And what happened before? Were there many internships and jobs and did they help you later when working on your case?

– I believe that the surest way to find your dream job is to try and sort out as many different options as possible. And not in my head, but in practice. So yeah, I’ve tried a lot of things. Journalism, advertising, PR – these areas have always been interesting to me. Experience is the most valuable and only it helps, then you string everything else onto it. PR in a startup helped me with faith in my own strength: when you see that thanks to your work the project becomes famous, you begin to understand that you can repeat this with your own business. Journalism helps to formulate thoughts, understand how people on the other side of PR think, find and choose information, and make connections easier. Experience of working in the wrong place or team gives knowledge about how you don’t want, what you don’t agree to, teaches you to refuse. It is important to leave where you feel bad, not to be afraid to say no. It was once believed that changing jobs was akin to failure, so people worked at the same job for years, without seeing growth, not enjoying it. Now is a completely different time and the more high-quality different experiences, the more valuable.


– Was it hard to overcome your fear and start from scratch your own project? Ever wanted to drop everything? How do you deal with this feeling in such moments?

– It was scary to start, but now I understand that everyone is scared and always. Even having launched one successful project and knowing how to do it, there will still be doubts and fears about launching something new. How to be? – Just start doing.

I never wanted to give up everything, but before, I used to face burnout – when there was no strength to continue. At such moments, it is worth stopping by pausing everything. It should be remembered that the time “spent” on time for rest is often less than the break that you will have to give to recovery. In addition, it is the presence of free space in life that gives the best ideas for development – this is a fact.

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– What motivates you the most in life? What should you think about taking the next step?

– I am motivated by the desire to reveal my potential, and people motivate me. What is worth thinking about? The fact that if you do not take the first step, then it will only worry you until the end of your days – nobody else.

– What are the most important qualities for an employee, in your opinion? And can you replace experience with something to attract an employer?

– For me, proactivity and the ability to hear are the main qualities.

– Can you give any advice to a college graduate who is trying to figure out what he wants to do?

– Try as much as possible, do not be afraid to go through this search path and do not limit it to timeframes, because everyone is different and if someone found a dream job faster, this does not mean that you will not find it or that what is wrong with you something is wrong: everyone has their own pace and it is important to respect their own.

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