“I would never work in the office again”


I studied at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University and from the first year, I worked in my profession.

I tried myself in different genres. Then she went abroad on an exchange to England and Denmark. After studying abroad, she decided not to engage in journalism in Russia and left to try herself in related industries.

I was looking for an opportunity to post, despite the fact that at that time I had already worked in journalism for several years, I did not understand anything in the field of PR. I remember how we passed the PR exam in the fifth year of the university: my friends, cool journalists, just like me, could not give answers to fairly basic questions in the PR test. Why did we need to know what a media sheet is?

Somehow I accidentally googled an offer on Grintern about a three-month internship at a large international PR agency. Cool opportunity, big clients – what you need! – I thought. I wrote a letter and went there in August, before the fifth year of university, and after three weeks I was hired for official work.

Then my career took off very quickly. In the agency, I figured out the base and my own interests. I also realized that I would never work in a traditional office again. Due to work from 9 to 19-00 within the walls of the office, after a couple of months, my eyes began to twitch around the clock. I fled to a more dynamic job in politics, then to a startup consulting. At some point, I was offered to work at Strelka and Afisha. The eye was fine there – I got into an ecosystem suitable for a quality life according to my parameters. Strelka swallows you 100 percent and then let’s go build new cities. ”The Institute was probably the first successful project in Moscow, in which it was possible to create a community atmosphere necessary for high-quality creative work.In the morning coffee on the steps, in the afternoon a sea of ​​interesting tasks, in the evening lectures and meetings at the bar – every day is like a small life There are many such spaces now – every big corporation strives to be Google, every WeWork coworking space.

Картинки по запросу "work in the office"

Between Krasny Oktyabr and Danilovskaya Manufactory, several more years passed in PR. After Strelka I went to travel the world and opened an agency with a partner. Now I am 26 years old, the business is 2.5 years old, it grows and changes with me. We are different from the usual job offers in the PR market in Russia. We are the only successful agency that works in international PR with companies not connected with Russia in any way (for example, our clients are located in Australia, America, Hong Kong and Latin America). The work is carried out completely remotely. I travel constantly, often with a team. Now I am in Thailand, though I will be in Singapore for a week and then in Japan.

When I found out about the competition, I wanted to give the guys the opportunity to train with us. Of the 40 people who made it to the test, 5-6 were chosen. Two were selected for the interview. Unfortunately, one person had to finish the internship ahead of schedule due to family circumstances, but we are still together with the other. Now the girl under the Raskadrovka program has completed her first month of internship, we continue to cooperate and want to hire her.

Beginning of the path

Of course, it’s hard at the very beginning, but you learn the most basic skills that will definitely come in handy. Every good PR person went through a stage where he collected thousands of publications by hand, filled out a bunch of tables, wrote millions of unanswered letters. It’s difficult, you waste a lot of time, sometimes you give up if you don’t find joy in the process. There is good news: it will be more fun.

I regret that I gave up then and abandoned one important skill: I just couldn’t manage to make beautiful, even reports and presentations, I just didn’t have enough perseverance. It is clear that now you can delegate everything, but set aside 10 hours now to learn how to collect a report and then – two different stories. The cost and value of my time then and now is completely different. Now my clients pay me for doing expensive consulting, and not learning to draw presentations. But someday on vacation, I’ll learn, I promise.

Early in their careers, I recommend that everyone focus on absorbing any content in large quantities. 70% of the trainee’s agency activity is searching for information. Fine! After a couple of weeks of regular news reading, analysis and information search – you are on a new level. A couple more months – a new level has been reached. When you take the position of a manager, you will have not 2 weeks, but 20 minutes for such tasks, and in order to correctly brief the team and draw the right conclusions, mechanisms learned in advance should sit in the subcortex.

I would also advise beginners to try new things as long as possible: to intern, work in initial positions in different companies. We leave school early, do not understand how professions are arranged, go to university, where we are not taught what is directly related to practice … And if during your studies you did not work anywhere, then you graduate without an adequate perception of reality. I personally observed the career crises of my friends at the age of 23-24, because they tried only one thing and did not know where to go next. It was a shame to start at first, but I didn’t like the chosen direction.

Картинки по запросу "work in the office"

Try to take your internship as seriously as possible and try as many options as possible. In my first year at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, I dreamed of filming reports about concerts, skipped English, fell asleep in pairs, where they talked about politics, technology and business. I thought it would never be useful to me.

I would twist a finger to my temple if someone told me that in 10 years I will get a conservatory diploma, business abroad, campaign experience and contracts with English-speaking clients, with whom we regularly discuss artificial intelligence between times.

Never give up opportunities to create new neural connections and experiences.

They will be useful to you very soon.

Good luck!

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