Have you ever found love online? Made new friends? Hooked up with someone you met online? or just had real fun and a good time interacting with people online?
Well if you haven’t, chances are that someone close to you has.

Numbers don’t lie, some statistics show that in 2017 online dating became the most common way for newly weds to meet one another, one survey carried out involving more than 14000 newly engaged or recently married individuals showed that 19% of brides met their spouses online.
Online dating and general online social interaction is a 21st century miracle, it is a revolutionary trend that has drastically changed human intimate interactions and dating as we know it.


The changes that have been brought about by the internet cannot be talked about in any single post, but we can all attest to an undeniable truth, it has changed humans forever, whether that is a good or a bad thing depends on what side of the spectrum you are looking from.

We all have heard so many wonderful tales of love and friendships from thousands of kilometers away, across borders, transcending time zones, beliefs, languages, race and culture.
Sex sites are also a growing trend. People just looking for casual hook ups with no strings attached can now find sites online that render such services.

100 percent free dating sites have most certainly increased the ease with which singles can meet prospective dates, it has also radically impacted existing relationships, it has made marital affairs easier and more common.
Despite the myriad positives there are some negatives to online dating, one of the major detractions is “COST” having to pay to use online dating services may have become a serious deterrent and a limitation for many would be users.

No one wants to feel like they are paying for love. Online dating has come a long way and like all things it has been constantly refined and reformed. Thankfully we now have free adult dating sites.

The perks of 100 percent free online dating sites are innumerable and may vary from individual to individual but one thing is certain we all love it.

 No one wants to feel like they are paying for love.

The whole idea of dating is to feel loved , wanted and desired but to be honest, it may not feel so natural when you have to pay for it.

Having to pay to use online dating services  just feels downright unnatural, discouraging and unattractive.

Free online datingNo one wants to consider cost and part with money to find “the one” or at least the potential one. Thankfully free online dating offers a more “real world feel” it comes with the natural feeling of meeting new people and bonding without having to pay for it and feel like you are buying love.

100 percent Free online dating is cheaper and readily available

well yea! It saves you money. Most regular humans live on a budget and are constantly trying to make ends meet, save an extra dollar here and there. Paying to use online dating services may just seem a bit out-of-order and unnecessary, making them miss out on the beautiful world of online dating.

Free online datingSome statistics showed that online dating companies make about $3billion annually, that just goes to show its far from cheap. 100 percent Free online dating sites on the other hand are, well, FREE.

100 percent Free online dating brings less pressure

Dating is generally a daunting task and meeting new people can be very intimidating. So many individuals looking to date, feel uncomfortable or fearful about talking to new people. Online dating has made that relatively easier. Knowing its free puts you under less pressure for everything to work out perfectly in record time.

Free online datingBeing that it is free also allows you to take your time and talk to as many people as possible for as long as you wish, until you find who you want, and if it doesn’t work out, you can walk away without feeling duped or ripped off.

Let’s face it, paying to find love may seem a tad desperate

I know! I know! I am not judging, but I feel like needing to pay to meet new people and prospective partners may be indicative of some level of desperation.

This of course would impact the nature of the availability pool and could very easily mean that most users are so desperate to find love that it may be unhealthy in the long run. 100 percent free online dating sites on the other hand, attracts more real people looking to have healthy interactions and do not consider it a do or die affair which is definitely more healthy.


Free adult dating sites are, wait for it………………..”FREE” 

Adult humans tend to form small tight-knit group of friends and acquaintances with similar social behaviors and interests. Most people look to their group to find love, or at least to be helped to do so. Also when going through emotional distress humans turn to their group for help. When the time comes to help out, It feels easier to say “hey buddy check out this site, great girls/guys on it” than “uhmmmm whats your dating budget?”.

Do have any online dating experience? Have you ever paid for online dating services? Please feel free to share your story with us.



  1. I have a friend who is currently trying the online dating scene. I really wish her well. My sister met her husband online almost 2 decades ago and they’re still blissfully happy. I think more people would try it if it’s free.

  2. For a brief moment, I tried online dating both paid and free sites and had the same experience with both. Fake profiles, crazy people and a few great and normal people sprinkled in between. I have two groups of friends who are married that met on line (a free site and a paid site). No matter what type of dating site you use, please use common sense and take safety precautions when meeting people for the first time!

  3. For me…I’ve never had a reason to try online dating.But if need be,why not.However, it’s important not to go desperate, that’s if you are looking for a potential life partner.

  4. Shawn and I have been married for 20 years, there wasn’t much for online dating at the time. Things have come a long way in the last 20 years.

  5. I have heard a ton of positive things about online dating, but still to scared to give it a try, maybe someday though, I’m really glad about the options it provides for singles, so if you can’t find someone offline try online.

  6. Those are definitely good reasons to think about the free sites as opposed to the pay for ones. I never thought of pay for as desperation. I thought higher quality. But I can see why you could interpret it both ways.

  7. I have no experience at all with dating website, I have never been on one. I think that the difference between paid and free website is in the quality of members. I assume that people who pay are no there to waste their time (and money) and are more serious.

  8. I am happily married now. I have never been on any kind of dating sites, but these options sound really cool for people looking to find someone online.

  9. I actually met a previous boyfriend of mine on a dating site. I think the possibilities are endless but sometimes it can be overwhelming and feel oversaturated.


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