Why should you waste your talent? Seriously, it makes no sense. why would anyone have a skill or an ability and make nothing of It? I have been around a couple of people who snuffed the life out of their abilities, simply because it remained untapped for too long.


For starters, if you are surrounded by the wrong folks,

People who do not recognize your skills and accomplishments,

People who do not appreciate your contributions,

People who disrespect you or treat you badly,

Or if you are at a place where You do not see any trends to help you get better and suggest areas that you need to improve on, then you are already on the path to wasting your talent.

Do not be deceived bad company ruins good character!! You’re in bad company and you need to run!!

Secondly, if you no longer engage yourself in creative challenges,you’re on the wrong path. Nothing is worse than an untapped potential. You can be much better than you are, where you are right now is definitely not the best there is. If you engage in creative challenges and exercises your full potential will be unraveled gradually. Endeavor to set achievable goals every week to improve on your skills.


Also, if you no longer think it necessary to invest in your development or the development of new ideas or practices, you’re definitely making a big mistake. Any Investment to improve your skill is never a bad decision or a waste of resources.

Have you learned anything new this year? If You haven’t learned anything new in a whole year. Do you mind my asking “why haven’t you? consider doing so, and soon too. Doesn’t matter how little it is.

How often do you practice? Practice makes perfect. There’s no other way around it!

Finally Listen to your gut. do you feel like you’re wasting your talent? Do you feel like you’re doing way less than you could and should be doing? Then you probably need to up the ante.

please feel free to add to this post in the comment section or let us know what you feel about it. Cheers! 🙂

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  1. Yes, yes and yes. I do feel like I’m wasting my talent. I used to be good at drawing and origami but because I haven’t practice in a long time I kinda lost my practice. I started to make origami again, which is great, I just wish I would stop wasting my time and my potential and work harder.

  2. It’s so important not to run with crappy people. I try really hard to weed these people out of my life and I feel a lot better for having done so! I try very hard to follow my passion and not let my own fear get in the way, but it can be really hard! I am thinking about moving and leaving NYC for the first time in my life and that is really scary, but, I think, ultimately for the best!

  3. I love this post. It makes me think of my daughter who LOVES to draw – and so good at it, too. This Christmas we are buying her a tablet and a stylus!

  4. this is such a lovely post. i think it is easy to lose our perspective and we forget how much we enjoy somethign and get lost in life.

  5. I’ve been in a position in a job where I knew all of my talent was being wasted. I spent more time there than I should have, but I will never again put myself in a position where I’m wasting my talent.

  6. So beautifully written Samuel and so true too. Every single one of us has something inside of us that makes us talented, but we often forget to honor and feed it and it goes to waste.

  7. I think the people we surround ourselves with, influence us the most on how motivated we get to pursue our talents!

  8. Sure its a grievous sin to have a talent,gift or skill without maximizing it to the fullest. Then of what use is it if it can better you or others?

    It is also important for us to continuously hone and sharpen what we already have to be the best at.

    Thanks for sharing Samuel.

  9. This post was really helpful for me. I consider myself to be creative and I am told I’m good at what I do by my loved ones and friends but I always get asked…”So why don’t you do something with it?” – Ie why are you not making money from it. I’ve questioned that too but then I think that my hobby is sacred, it brings me joy, maybe if it was all profit I’d no longer enjoy it and I’d lose a big part of what makes me happy.

  10. This is the perfect post to read as a new blogger. It took me a really long time to finally get the courage to post for the first time (Why was I such a chicken?) 🙂

    It feels good to put myself out there creatively. I feel like my talent is now getting channeled versus wasted.

    Thank you for your post!

  11. This post has some really great advice in, especially for newer bloggers. Embracing your talent is so important, you should always believe in yourself.

  12. This is great info. Too often, we listen to outside voices that eventually hurt/stifile and in some casess, kill our creativity. Sometimes we’re our own worst critic. Having a supportive circle makes a huge difference.

  13. There is very good advice in your post. I think that a lot of people are giving up their talents and improving them because of choices they have to make (like a job they don’t like but which brings in money).

  14. this post is very interesting!
    I think many people who know me think I am wasting my talent because I am a stay at home mom. I don’t want to brag, but I have too many talents to develop them all in one job. Like most women on this globe, in none of my jobs I could develop all my talents and now, as a mom educating her children with love, it is the first time that I put ALL my talents to the service of a purpose greater than me. I’d say, there is no mom out there (or dad) wasting her/his talent. No money can pay that.

  15. Yes,as a matter of fact there is no one born without potentials.We’ve all got something to offer,we need to look within ourselves

  16. Your thoughts are so helpful! I believe everyone is talented in some way. People totally get bogged down by comparison, lack of appreciation and personal discouragement. You hit some nails on the head!

  17. Never be lazy and waste your talent. Having that talent is a gift but sometimes it can be taken, and regret it in the end.
    Practice more and down that talent.

  18. I think it is not always easy to realize then admit that you might be wasting your talents. It can be scary if it means quitting your job and starting from scratch again. But yeah, better come to that realization and take actions before it is too late!


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