From smoother skin to better sleep, see all the great ways that quitting smoking for good, can affect your body.

 Your health is improved when you commit to a healthier lifestyle, better diet and cutting out alcohol. So, while you are working on achieving a healthier lifestyle, we want to follow up and discuss another bad habit, that quitting can provide an almost instant return on improving your health. You can begin to see immediate results when you quit smoking and switch to electronic cigarettes which contain e-liquid.

So what are the benefits? They are fairly convincing.  So, who doesn’t want to sleep sounder and have better sex? And although many individuals have fortunately quit already, there can be a big impact even just taking causal puffs.

1. Your sex life will be improved

 It was found in a 2011 study that men have stronger erections after they quit smoking – which means that you can benefit from the sexual improvements of your partner if you help them quit. Improved blood flow into your lungs and your energy levels will be boosted by the enhanced oxygen levels to your blood.  For people are trying to conceive there was a study from June 2016 found that smokers had a higher sperm DNA damage percentage.

2. There will be improvements in your gut health

How your gut health is impacted by smoking has a lot to do with the dreaded weight gain that is often associated with quitting smoking. It has been found by researchers that when one individual stops smoking the bacterial strain’s diversity inside of their intestines shifts, which is similar to the gut flora that obese people have.  It was hypothesized by the researchers that the weight gain was caused by the changes in the gut, rather than changes in caloric intake.  They turned out to be right. What this means is that when you take action to heal the intestinal flora in your body before you quit smoking it can help you avoid cravings and weight gain.

 3. Eliminate arthritis

Even smoking just, a couple of cigarettes per day can actually double your risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.  As soon as you stop smoking the risk decreases and continues to improve with every year.

It has been shown that smoking is the culprit behind over a third of cases that involve arthritis-based pain and aches.  This is yet another reason to stop smoking and giving up the tobacco habit, along with the strong possibility that after you have quit smoking you will be more inclined to throw your running shoes on and exercise as well.

4. Get your beauty sleep back

Another reason why you should quit smoking?  You will sleep just like a baby. Researchers have found that almost 12 percent of people who smoke currently have difficulties falling asleep, with 11 percent waking up during the night and another 10 percent having a problem waking up too early in the morning. Studies have found, that for every cigarette that was smoked throughout the day, the total amount of sleep decreased by over one minute. The consequences of lack of sleep are innumerable and dire.

It is certainly not a welcome thought to spend the night  tossing and turning a lot, quitting smoking is a great lifestyle change that can make a huge difference in your sleeping time.

5. Cutting nicotine out can reduce your risk of getting diabetes.

 California State University conducted a study that found that adding nicotine into samples of human blood raised haemoglobin AIC levels, which is an indication of high blood sugar content. Simply put, it is suggested by the study that smoking can cause diabetes to be much worse. It is also implied by the study that non-diabetic might have a greater chance in getting diabetes.

6. Your heart will heal    

Although some individuals might find themselves trading cigarettes in for sweets, there is a study that shows that, even with weight gain after quitting smoking, you will find that risk of cardiovascular disease will decrease. Postmenopausal women who have stopped smoking for over three years saw a 26 percent reduced risk for developing heart disease when compared to women who kept smoking.

7.You will look younger

When you quit smoking, it increases the nutrients and oxygen that is sent into your skin cells, and leaves you more supple and smoother skin. And although your skin will have a younger appearance, you are not simply turning the clock back for your appearance.  If you quit smoking before 40 years old, is reduces the risk by 90 percent of premature death.  If you quite before 30 years old, it increases up to 97 percent.



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