We all come to the point in life where we tell ourselves: “Good God I spend way too much on clothes”. And sometimes saving a few extra bucks is mandatory. If you don’t know how to start, make sure you follow these useful tips listed below.


On a serious note, who could catch up to all these trends that are constantly coming and going? One season everybody is all about black and skintight, and just when you turn your whole closet into a vampy dream house, BOOM – New York fashion week runway report: This season is going to be all about rainbow colored baggy garments!

Jokes aside, repurposing your old garments can be quite fun and cool, especially if you are skillful with thread and needle. Not only will you save money, but you will also have unique pieces. You can cut the legs off your old trousers and jeans and turn them into shorts, you can turn old tees into tank tops or skirts etc. Just let your scissors and your imagination loose.

Shop off-season

This is definitely the oldest trick in the book. And, if you really think about it, why would you overpay a particular piece when you can simply wait a few weeks or months and buy it for a much more reasonable price. Most retailers tend to get new deliveries at least every two to three weeks, and they have to turn over their merch. In other words, season-specific pieces such as sandals and shorts for summer or hats and coats for winter will hit the shelves approximately a month earlier and are likely to be super discounted halfway through the season. So this may be the perfect time for you to go swimwear shopping.

There is no need to stock up on the new pieces you ‘need’ for the upcoming season – rather, simply snag them when they are priced down but still wearable in the next few months.

HOWEVER, do not buy things JUST BECAUSE they are on sale. Buy only the stuff you need, no matter how great of a deal may be on that ‘cool’ purple faux fur coat.

Basics are your best investment

When it comes to staples such as black trousers, a white button down, a go-to tee, you have a bunch of options that are also similar and available at all price points. But when it comes to these, you should have in mind that you’ll be wearing them over and over again. In other words, basics are something you shouldn’t skimp on. If you work in an office and have to dress accordingly, getting yourself a couple of high quality tailored suits from Melbourne is a much smarter choice than getting a cheap one from a store not specialized in suits. Saving in a long run is also saving.

Online stores all the way

If shopping is not your cardio, then you definitely hate going from store to store in search for a good deal. This is why online stores can be your best friends. There is nothing better than getting a good piece from the comfort of your favorite chair. Not to mention that it is much easier to find good deals online since you have everything in your sight.

Sell what you don’t wear

Selling clothes is both ecological (since you won’t be throwing anything away) and money-saving. If you have garments you haven’t worn for a longer than a year, you don’t need them. Go through your wardrobe at least once a year, and collect items you no longer wear nor can do anything with them, and sell them to your local vintage shop, thrift store or post them on online platforms. This way, you will make room for new items and earn some money for them as well.

Finally, even a quick visit to your local thrift store every now and then is a good idea. You wouldn’t believe what can be found there, from completely new pieces all the way to luxury brands, if you have the right eye. Not to mention their weekly discounts. Saving money is generally a smart choice and nothing to be ashamed of.


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