Lets face it, cooking much like any other chore can be pretty daunting and it is quite difficult to motivate yourself to cook regularly, for the average human, that is why most of us resort to eating junk food, or generally settle for something of much less quality than we really want. The old phrase says: “You are what you eat” and it is true. When you eat junk food, you may feel the instant pleasure. But you will feel bad in the long run. So make a difference. When you start cooking for yourself, you are taking an important part of your life under control.

If you can’t find the time or energy to cook regularly, we bring you some reasons why you should start doing it.

Save money

motivate yourself to cook regularly

You can make a simple comparison between the prices in restaurants and supermarkets to make it clear how much money you can save if you start cooking. You are not only saving your money, but also your health. You don’t really have the control over your eating habits if someone else is cooking for you every day. So take control in your hands.

A smart thing to do is to create a weekly menu in advance, so you can use Sunday to go shopping. Fill your refrigerator with healthy food and you will be set for the whole week. You will not lose time and energy trying to figure out what to cook day after day if you have organized yourself in advance, this is a great way to motivate yourself to cook regularly.

Find a reliable food supplier

motivate yourself to cook regularly

No matter where you live, you can always find a reliable provider of quality food if you search long enough. Your body needs meat to get proteins, zinc, iron and selenium, and vitamins A, B and D in order to work properly. It is easy to find a good butcher in Sydney in order to supply yourself with good and fresh meat.

Local markets are great places to find quality seasonal fruits and vegetables. Take advantage of this fact and make room for sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, garlic, broccoli and other wonders of nature in your kitchen.
Cook for your loved ones
There is a higher chance that you will give up on cooking if you are doing it only for yourself all the time. But cooking for a group of people gives a whole new meaning to the process. The best gift is the one that is created by your own hands. So no matter how skilled you are in the kitchen, your meals will always feed your loved ones.

There is something special about cooking for your friends and family. It is both noble and inspiring. And these feelings serve as great motivators. You can divide responsibilities for any part of the cooking process. It is great to gather around now and then to eat together, but it is also fun to prepare food together.

Engage in a healthy lifestyle

motivate yourself to cook regularly

In order to live a good life, you have to maintain your body. This requires good sleep, regular exercise and a healthy diet. A balanced diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle. You need to supply your body with the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and the best way to do it is to do it by yourself.

You can find tons of simple healthy recipes online, so you don’t have to be a great cook to treat your body well. After you quit eating whatever someone else offers you and start cooking healthy meals, you will feel more energy and be more capable for accomplishing your everyday responsibilities.

There are many reasons why you should motivate yourself to cook regularly.

Stop eating outside and you will save a lot of money.

Take care of your body and you will have more drive for everyday duties.

Start cooking for your friends and family, and you will create a new special bond.

The list of positives are endless.

Let us know how you feel about this in the comment section. Tell us what motivates you to cook and how do you resist the urge to just settle for junk food?

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  1. It’s like you read my mind. I was so disappointed with myself this week for not being able to cook and choosing fast food instead. I was tired and I just did not want to do anything.

  2. Some brilliant tips – I definitely lack motivation to cook sometimes but know that I should. After all, it is much better for me – and my bank balance!

  3. Agree to all points. Cooking regularly also gives the power to customize your food your way, something you may not get outside. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  4. I wish I had the time and energy. I do appreciate Shawn being the at home parent and often cooking, but when he doesn’t feel like it I do take out since I am short on time and usually exhausted. But when there is time, I do enjoy cooking. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I do love cooking actually. Indeed the store you buy food from makes a big difference. The supermarket next to my house got renovated recently and they have now a great fish section. And this motivates me to cook more with fresh fish.

  6. What a great list of tips! Love this part: “A smart thing to do is to create a weekly menu in advance, so you can use Sunday to go shopping. Fill your refrigerator with healthy food and you will be set for the whole week.” Thank you for sharing this!


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