The world as we know it is changing. Ever so slowly planet earth is morphing into a virtual world.

A steadily increasing number of people spend a steadily increasing amount of time online, meaning that almost everything from learning to selling and buying, social interactions and even finding love now happens online.

The introduction of online dating websites has been a turning point in the lives of countless numbers of people as it makes it easier to find that otherwise elusive “love”.

Statistics show a steady increase in the number of people using online dating services and it is expected to increase over time.

Have you considered trying online dating?

Well have you tried seeking love or friendship online? or considered it at least?are you looking to introduce a perennial Singleton to the world of online dating? there are so many possible options  to choose from that it may become a little confusing and daunting, although it need not be so. With proper guidance and a keen sense of quality you can have the best and enjoy all the great benefits of online dating and at no cost too.

Basically online dating services are categorized into two.

1. Paid online dating services.

2. Free online dating services

A lot of people are put off from online dating by the thought of having to pay for it, it may begin to seem like a chore sifting through countless numbers of prospects trying to find the one, while also knowing fully well that if this doesn’t happen and quickly too, it may begin to feel like a huge loss.

Thankfully there are also a lot of great and high quality free dating sites to choose from, which means you can enjoy the benefits of online dating without having to part with money or get the feeling that you are paying for love.

Free dating sites

Welcome to the age of free online dating

At a time when almost everything we do, especially online, has to be paid for. It is a real breath of fresh air to know that there are free dating sites and not just that, but they are good options to choose from and in high quality too. This certainly means we can enjoy all the new world benefits of online dating without having to count the cost.

Finding “the one” online may not be so straight forward.

To be honest dating online is not as easy as the adverts make it seem (it may be so, for some). We usually see adverts like “login and find love …..uhmmmm….. not so fast. It can take a good amount of time and energy, good pictures(probably the best weapon in your online dating arsenal) and a lot of mental resources too. Sometimes it may not work out as planned, lots of canceled dates, people turning out to be different from what you had imagined or fantasized about. Thankfully while using free dating sites you can take your time and try to make the best of it without feeling a need to rush or try to justify “money spent” as opposed to paid sites. No need to feel like you wasted your money if “the one” doesn’t turn up.

Concluding Thoughts

Finding love online need not cost you money and no one should have to feel like they are paying for love or feel any sort of pressure, which paid dating services can bring.  Free dating sites have made it far less complicated and less expensive so if you are looking to find love, seeking casual hookups, seeking new adventure and friendships, you know you can try out any good free dating site of your choosing.
After all using free online dating services cost you nothing you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What do you think about free dating sites? Have you tried any ? Do you have any interesting tales and outcomes of using online dating services? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section.



  1. I am hearing more and more of people who found their significant others though an online service. It’s an interesting shift from traditional ways of meeting people.

  2. I definitely went out with some weirdos by using free dating sites!! But I met a couple nice guys too, just nothing that clicked. I did re-connect with my current husband thanks to a free dating site!! He and I used to work together when I was in a serious relationship with someone else. Once that ended I joined the site and he started a conversation with me, then realized who I was. He followed up with “don’t you have a boyfriend?” and I said “People break up, bro!” We pretty instantly exchanged numbers and later that day (or the next) we met up to go shoe shopping and had a casual dinner afterward. It was an odd first ‘date’ but the start of something beautiful, two kids, a house and two dogs later!

  3. I have tried online dating because it wasn’t around when I needed it, lol. But I have several friends who have had good luck! It’s definitely worth a try!

  4. I don’t believe in online dating and never tried it. I was lucky to find my soulmate in real life. I did meet some of my good friends online, but never went further, to date someone whom I met online.

  5. My best friend met his girlfriend on a dating website but it failed miserably. The idea is good. Some people even find true love online. But I am afraid to date online. I am happy to be single.

  6. I met my fiance online. It was a site that used to be called myyearbook but it is now called meetme. It was turned into a dating site. We have been together for nine years, and he is the love of my life.

  7. I have actually tried online dating. And by tried, I mean I made an account and a profile but didn’t take it any further. I’m now happily engaged to a wonderful man so I won’t be using online dating anymore!

  8. I totally believe in online dating. I have several friends who met their spouses through Match and eHarmony. My husband and I both did online dating but we didn’t meet that way. I believe you have to be extra careful with it because in my experience, guys would present themselves one way and then when I met them and got to know them more, there were some things that didn’t add up. However, it can be like that if you met through a mutual friend. People always show their best self first.

  9. I have never tried online dating and now it’s too late 😉 But I have heard about a lot of success stories from friends.

  10. There are several pros or advantages for dating online and I think most people are just seeing the cons. Communication is a make it or break it attribute when it comes to picking people you want to talk to and for measuring long term affinity with someone, talking online can actually put you into a safer spot first.

  11. Online dating is no longer as taboo as it was ten years ago that is for sure. I think it’s really great people can connect online and fall in love. Love is love!

  12. I think it’s just another way of meeting people. In this busy world, people don’t get time to social much other than their usual crowd. I never tried it but I keep asking my friend to join online dating.

  13. I have done the online dating thing and it’s fun, but ironically I ended up with my best friend instead. It works well, but sometimes things are alrrady in front of you!

  14. Well online dating is not something that I would not try because I am married haha but I know its really hard for people to find each other especially when they live in the city.


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