5 things you should know about dating when you’re over 40

Dating over 40

Society and pop culture have tacitly defined love and dating to be a juvenile affair, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Dating can be fun and enjoyable at all appropriate ages if done right. Dating can be a daunting affair for anyone and at any level of life but the older we get as humans, the less likely we are to want to put up with the emotional rigors and hassles that come with dating, which can make it a little bit more of a challenge.
Dating when you’re  over 40 can pose certain unique challenges and top on that list would be meeting people.

There are dating services and sites specifically for older people.

Meeting potential dates may no longer be as easy as walking into a bar and winking at the first damsel or bloke you see(at least that’s the way the movies make it seem), or simply asking friends to hook you up with their siblings or cousins. At this point in your life society tacitly expects you to have settled down into a dream marriage with a dream family and planning towards a happy retirement by the countryside, but if there’s any prominent lesson life has taught us, it is that things do not always go as we expect or plan.

These expectations mean that it can be a little bit more difficult to find singles interested in dating over 40 the conventional ways not just singles but singles willing to mingle.

Thankfully there are great sites and dating services that are specifically for older people. Older dating online has very effectively solved the humongous challenge of meeting singles over 40, so you can comfortably register on any quality site of your choice and begin to seek out potential dates.

Where and how to date may pose a bit of a challenge

Dating over 40Individuals in their 40s or above are usually so set in their ways, that thinking or acting outside their comfort zone and areas of experience and expertise may seem like a very big ask. Since bungee jumping, wild park rides and partying like there’s no tomorrow may not make the best dating options for older couples, due to some obvious reasons of course. They tend to resort to more expensive options, or even settle for chance meetings which may greatly serve to extinguish the flames of love. It need not be so at all, as there are so many great dating ideas and options to explore without feeling out-of-order.

Here are some amazing dating options you can explore.

Dinner dates
Casual strolls in the park
Dog walk trips
A boat ride
Take dancing or cooking classes
Attend concerts
Exploring the outdoors
Beach strolls

Just to mention a few, so you can see dating over 40 need not be a herculean task.

Dating over 40 comes with less expectations, less games and less drama

Dating over 40

Dating as an older person has a lot of perks too, as older people tend to generally have less expectations and due to more experience less pressure too. Older people seeking new relationship hardly ask for or expect too much and are usually more certain about what they want or don’t want, which makes it all more straightforward. First dates are different, unlike your younger days once the nerves settle there may be no shortage of things to talk about as a result of the combined wealth of experience, no unnecessary rules because chances are that you are not new to romance.

Also there is usually more honesty, less games and less mixed signals which is great and can make senior dating less dramatic and tumultuous.

People at this level of life are usually an upgraded version of themselves.

As an older person seeking relationships you must understand that people at this level have most likely had a lot of experience in this regard, they most likely have gone through the rigors, put up with some bad and scary stuff in their life and frankly just want all the drama to be behind them. So you have to make your growth and maturity count. You must be well versed in your flaws and have learned to master and control them and make your new relationship the paradise you deserve.

The little things can feel like really big things

Dating over 40

Granted a lot has changed since you were in your 20s or 30s and dating may have evolved greatly, still certain things never change. The excitement of the first kiss, your first night together, having fun, going on dates, meeting family for the first time, sharing a laugh. These things can feel a little magnified due to the fact that you may have given up on ever having these feelings again. Even the most little things can carry a lot of weight and make you feel like a teenager all over again.

Dating over 40 is not like dating at any other age. It is actually much better, if you want to go for it there is absolutely nothing stopping or limiting you. Older dating online affords you the opportunity to put all your cards out, and build a relationship without risking yourself or family, it also allows you talk about the things that count before even setting up a date. So go for it.

Feel free to share your experiences, about dating over 40 with us in the comment section.


10 Effective Ways to Burn More Fat


Exercising and a balanced diet are obviously key factors that will help you get fitter, burn more fat and ultimately lose excess weight.

However, fat can be really stubborn sometimes, and your usual routine might not be as effective as time goes by. Not to mention that not all exercises are equal in this regard. That said, you may want to explore some other options in order to burn more fat and reach your goal.


In order for your exercising routine to be more effective when it comes to burning fat, you will need to get your heart rate up before the actual exercises. Usually, people do light stretching, but in this case, you may want to try some cardio warm-ups. For example, you can do walking lunges or butt kicks to prepare your body adequately for the burning session.


Burn more fat

Even people who have considerable experience with physical activity can be unsure about the best kind of exercises for specific muscle groups, areas of the body, and effective fat burning. What is more, getting the exercise wrong is one of the most common problems people face when engaging in physical activity. A personal trainer can help you immensely in this case. But, if you don’t have the time or the means to work out with a personal trainer, don’t hesitate to consult an online fitness coach as this is a quick way to get professional advice on your problem areas.


Burn more fat

Finding the best fat burning zone is an individual thing. Therefore, there’s no definite answer for everyone. But, in general, people who are already physically active on a regular basis and just need to lose a bit of weight can actually benefit from fast-pace exercising, while beginners and people who have a long way to go in order to reach their ideal weight are much better off with slow-pace exercises.


Burn more fat

Almost everyone who wants to burn fat has heard that cardio is the best way to do so. However, cardio alone isn’t actually the most effective way to go about fat burning. The best option is to combine cardio with weight training. Building muscle burns fat – simple as that. Of course, you don’t have to lift heavy weights right from the start – weight training can be done with your own weight as well.


Burn more fat

It’s paramount for people to realize that they won’t achieve anything by not eating – except for getting sick. Starving yourself is not the same as a balanced diet, is it? Essentially, even if you think that you’re benefiting from skipping meals and feeling hungry, your body will just be eating itself up. In order for the fat to be burned effectively, your body has to get the food it needs so that it can let go of the fat reserves.


You may be tired of hearing this, but water is essential for your health, and this goes for more effective fat burning as well. You probably think that you already drink plenty of water. OK, great. But what else do you drink, too? Sometimes, juices and rich coffees are the main reason why you can’t burn that stubborn fat and shed those extra pounds. Therefore, try to choose water whenever you can and pay attention to other beverages and their calories.


As mentioned, severe dieting and starving is out of question if you want to burn more fat. But, a balanced diet is still necessary. Sadly, no amount of exercise can help with really bad nutrition. Of course, you are probably already aware that you have to ditch junk food, saturated and trans fats, and sweets. But, you shouldn’t get rid of carbs completely. Some people know this and enjoy all carb sources. However, this isn’t good either. Bread and pasta can really prevent you from burning fat. Get your carbs from oatmeal, brown rice, and red potatoes.


In order to burn more fat, you need to speed up your metabolism. This can be pretty challenging sometimes, even with the balanced diet and exercise. The main reason is that you’re not following a specific schedule. If you want your metabolism to speed up, you need to give it fuel consistently. In that respect, try your hardest to eat your meals around the same time every day.


Food that’s too spicy is not good for you, but food that’s moderately spicy can be great for giving your metabolism an additional boost. In general, spicy food contains capsaicin, which has the power to add more speed to your metabolism and as a result burn more fat.


This is crucial for everyone who wants to burn fat and lose weight, regardless of whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or just have a couple of pounds left to get rid of. Hitting a plateau and failing to notice obvious results can sometimes happen with regular physical activity and diet. The state can last for 3 weeks and even more. Remember, this doesn’t mean that your routine doesn’t work, that you should give up, or push yourself insanely harder. It just means that you need to give your body some time.
When trying to get fitter and burn more fat, it’s always nice to hold onto things that motivate you to keep going. Therefore, set smaller milestones on your journey, so that there’s always something to look forward to.

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Free online dating – the new way to find love.


The world as we know it is changing. Ever so slowly planet earth is morphing into a virtual world.

A steadily increasing number of people spend a steadily increasing amount of time online, meaning that almost everything from learning to selling and buying, social interactions and even finding love now happens online.

The introduction of online dating websites has been a turning point in the lives of countless numbers of people as it makes it easier to find that otherwise elusive “love”.

Statistics show a steady increase in the number of people using online dating services and it is expected to increase over time.

Have you considered trying online dating?

Well have you tried seeking love or friendship online? or considered it at least?are you looking to introduce a perennial Singleton to the world of online dating? there are so many possible options  to choose from that it may become a little confusing and daunting, although it need not be so. With proper guidance and a keen sense of quality you can have the best and enjoy all the great benefits of online dating and at no cost too.

Basically online dating services are categorized into two.

1. Paid online dating services.

2. Free online dating services

A lot of people are put off from online dating by the thought of having to pay for it, it may begin to seem like a chore sifting through countless numbers of prospects trying to find the one, while also knowing fully well that if this doesn’t happen and quickly too, it may begin to feel like a huge loss.

Thankfully there are also a lot of great and high quality free dating sites to choose from, which means you can enjoy the benefits of online dating without having to part with money or get the feeling that you are paying for love.

Free dating sites

Welcome to the age of free online dating

At a time when almost everything we do, especially online, has to be paid for. It is a real breath of fresh air to know that there are free dating sites and not just that, but they are good options to choose from and in high quality too. This certainly means we can enjoy all the new world benefits of online dating without having to count the cost.

Finding “the one” online may not be so straight forward.

To be honest dating online is not as easy as the adverts make it seem (it may be so, for some). We usually see adverts like “login and find love …..uhmmmm….. not so fast. It can take a good amount of time and energy, good pictures(probably the best weapon in your online dating arsenal) and a lot of mental resources too. Sometimes it may not work out as planned, lots of canceled dates, people turning out to be different from what you had imagined or fantasized about. Thankfully while using free dating sites you can take your time and try to make the best of it without feeling a need to rush or try to justify “money spent” as opposed to paid sites. No need to feel like you wasted your money if “the one” doesn’t turn up.

Concluding Thoughts

Finding love online need not cost you money and no one should have to feel like they are paying for love or feel any sort of pressure, which paid dating services can bring.  Free dating sites have made it far less complicated and less expensive so if you are looking to find love, seeking casual hookups, seeking new adventure and friendships, you know you can try out any good free dating site of your choosing.
After all using free online dating services cost you nothing you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What do you think about free dating sites? Have you tried any ? Do you have any interesting tales and outcomes of using online dating services? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section.


Top 5 benefits of 100 percent free adult dating sites


Have you ever found love online? Made new friends? Hooked up with someone you met online? or just had real fun and a good time interacting with people online?
Well if you haven’t, chances are that someone close to you has.

Numbers don’t lie, some statistics show that in 2017 online dating became the most common way for newly weds to meet one another, one survey carried out involving more than 14000 newly engaged or recently married individuals showed that 19% of brides met their spouses online.
Online dating and general online social interaction is a 21st century miracle, it is a revolutionary trend that has drastically changed human intimate interactions and dating as we know it.


The changes that have been brought about by the internet cannot be talked about in any single post, but we can all attest to an undeniable truth, it has changed humans forever, whether that is a good or a bad thing depends on what side of the spectrum you are looking from.

We all have heard so many wonderful tales of love and friendships from thousands of kilometers away, across borders, transcending time zones, beliefs, languages, race and culture.
Sex sites are also a growing trend. People just looking for casual hook ups with no strings attached can now find sites online that render such services.

100 percent free dating sites have most certainly increased the ease with which singles can meet prospective dates, it has also radically impacted existing relationships, it has made marital affairs easier and more common.
Despite the myriad positives there are some negatives to online dating, one of the major detractions is “COST” having to pay to use online dating services may have become a serious deterrent and a limitation for many would be users.

No one wants to feel like they are paying for love. Online dating has come a long way and like all things it has been constantly refined and reformed. Thankfully we now have free adult dating sites.

The perks of 100 percent free online dating sites are innumerable and may vary from individual to individual but one thing is certain we all love it.

 No one wants to feel like they are paying for love.

The whole idea of dating is to feel loved , wanted and desired but to be honest, it may not feel so natural when you have to pay for it.

Having to pay to use online dating services  just feels downright unnatural, discouraging and unattractive.

Free online datingNo one wants to consider cost and part with money to find “the one” or at least the potential one. Thankfully free online dating offers a more “real world feel” it comes with the natural feeling of meeting new people and bonding without having to pay for it and feel like you are buying love.

100 percent Free online dating is cheaper and readily available

well yea! It saves you money. Most regular humans live on a budget and are constantly trying to make ends meet, save an extra dollar here and there. Paying to use online dating services may just seem a bit out-of-order and unnecessary, making them miss out on the beautiful world of online dating.

Free online datingSome statistics showed that online dating companies make about $3billion annually, that just goes to show its far from cheap. 100 percent Free online dating sites on the other hand are, well, FREE.

100 percent Free online dating brings less pressure

Dating is generally a daunting task and meeting new people can be very intimidating. So many individuals looking to date, feel uncomfortable or fearful about talking to new people. Online dating has made that relatively easier. Knowing its free puts you under less pressure for everything to work out perfectly in record time.

Free online datingBeing that it is free also allows you to take your time and talk to as many people as possible for as long as you wish, until you find who you want, and if it doesn’t work out, you can walk away without feeling duped or ripped off.

Let’s face it, paying to find love may seem a tad desperate

I know! I know! I am not judging, but I feel like needing to pay to meet new people and prospective partners may be indicative of some level of desperation.

This of course would impact the nature of the availability pool and could very easily mean that most users are so desperate to find love that it may be unhealthy in the long run. 100 percent free online dating sites on the other hand, attracts more real people looking to have healthy interactions and do not consider it a do or die affair which is definitely more healthy.


Free adult dating sites are, wait for it………………..”FREE” 

Adult humans tend to form small tight-knit group of friends and acquaintances with similar social behaviors and interests. Most people look to their group to find love, or at least to be helped to do so. Also when going through emotional distress humans turn to their group for help. When the time comes to help out, It feels easier to say “hey buddy check out this site, great girls/guys on it” than “uhmmmm whats your dating budget?”.

Do have any online dating experience? Have you ever paid for online dating services? Please feel free to share your story with us.


How to Motivate Yourself to Cook Regularly


Lets face it, cooking much like any other chore can be pretty daunting and it is quite difficult to motivate yourself to cook regularly, for the average human, that is why most of us resort to eating junk food, or generally settle for something of much less quality than we really want. The old phrase says: “You are what you eat” and it is true. When you eat junk food, you may feel the instant pleasure. But you will feel bad in the long run. So make a difference. When you start cooking for yourself, you are taking an important part of your life under control.

If you can’t find the time or energy to cook regularly, we bring you some reasons why you should start doing it.

Save money

motivate yourself to cook regularly

You can make a simple comparison between the prices in restaurants and supermarkets to make it clear how much money you can save if you start cooking. You are not only saving your money, but also your health. You don’t really have the control over your eating habits if someone else is cooking for you every day. So take control in your hands.

A smart thing to do is to create a weekly menu in advance, so you can use Sunday to go shopping. Fill your refrigerator with healthy food and you will be set for the whole week. You will not lose time and energy trying to figure out what to cook day after day if you have organized yourself in advance, this is a great way to motivate yourself to cook regularly.

Find a reliable food supplier

motivate yourself to cook regularly

No matter where you live, you can always find a reliable provider of quality food if you search long enough. Your body needs meat to get proteins, zinc, iron and selenium, and vitamins A, B and D in order to work properly. It is easy to find a good butcher in Sydney in order to supply yourself with good and fresh meat.

Local markets are great places to find quality seasonal fruits and vegetables. Take advantage of this fact and make room for sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, garlic, broccoli and other wonders of nature in your kitchen.
Cook for your loved ones
There is a higher chance that you will give up on cooking if you are doing it only for yourself all the time. But cooking for a group of people gives a whole new meaning to the process. The best gift is the one that is created by your own hands. So no matter how skilled you are in the kitchen, your meals will always feed your loved ones.

There is something special about cooking for your friends and family. It is both noble and inspiring. And these feelings serve as great motivators. You can divide responsibilities for any part of the cooking process. It is great to gather around now and then to eat together, but it is also fun to prepare food together.

Engage in a healthy lifestyle

motivate yourself to cook regularly

In order to live a good life, you have to maintain your body. This requires good sleep, regular exercise and a healthy diet. A balanced diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle. You need to supply your body with the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and the best way to do it is to do it by yourself.

You can find tons of simple healthy recipes online, so you don’t have to be a great cook to treat your body well. After you quit eating whatever someone else offers you and start cooking healthy meals, you will feel more energy and be more capable for accomplishing your everyday responsibilities.

There are many reasons why you should motivate yourself to cook regularly.

Stop eating outside and you will save a lot of money.

Take care of your body and you will have more drive for everyday duties.

Start cooking for your friends and family, and you will create a new special bond.

The list of positives are endless.

Let us know how you feel about this in the comment section. Tell us what motivates you to cook and how do you resist the urge to just settle for junk food?

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Types of Eating Disorders – stats, facts and possible treatments


Post by Dr oluwakemi bamiloye

This post aims to create awareness about various types of eating disorders and encourage sufferers to seek help.

Being a person who has battled with my weight for virtually my entire teenage and adult life and suffered from different types of eating disorders, this is a topic that is of particular interest to me. I may not be an expert on the subject but I certainly do have first hand knowledge of the horrors and insecurities it can bring. Worst still is the fact that this is rarely talked about in any sphere of the African continent or even ignored altogether.

Eating disorders are fairly common, more common than most of us care to admit, among children and adult humans. Some statistics show that every 3 in 10 people experience one form of eating disorder at some point in their life. Sadder still is the fact that not only is this rarely acknowledged or properly diagnosed but it is treated with a great deal of levity and often ignored until it gets to critical stages.

Eating disorder is a mental condition defined by abnormal or negative eating habits, which would affect the sufferer diversely, either short-term or long-term and may even become life threatening.

There are so many types of eating disorders known and unknown and unfortunately a lot of it goes undiagnosed,  although the causes of eating disorder is not clear, overtime a lot of research has been carried out on the subject and it is obvious that environmental, physiological and biological factors play a part. Information has been collated  in this post, simply to point out the various types of eating disorders and create awareness about the issue, also to provide a safe haven for sufferers to talk about the various eating disorders they may have experienced or are experiencing.

Here are 9 of the most common types of eating disorders known, does any of them sound like what you or someone close might be experiencing?


This is widely regarded as the most common eating disorder. it is characterized by a recurring need to eat or overeat, at odd times or when not hungry and merely out of the desire for food or a particular food, which is usually as a result of other underlying physical or mental factors.  Sufferers usually experience serious lack of control and may seem unable to stop even while feeling a sense of guilt and desperation. This affects a wide range of individuals of different ages, gender and socioeconomic class.


Popularly known as thinning sickness or vanity fade, is characterized by an obsessive, often unfounded fear of gaining weight or a deliberate refusal to do so. The sufferers are often paralyzed by a very serious and sometimes irrational fear of looking fat, this leads to poor and unhealthy eating which becomes  detrimental to the health of the sufferers. Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder that can affect a wide range of people it often leads to deterioration of health, insomnia,massive mood swings, bone loss, skin loss, muscle and tissue loss, it can cause menstruation and other body functions to stop or become irregular and places great stress on the organs of the body. Anorexia nervosa has often been looked at as a problem of the rich or excessive vanity or the need to look a certain way, caused by social factors, but recent research has shown that it could also be brought about by biological factors.


Types of eating disorders

This is a fairly common eating disorder among children and younger adults but also among adults of any age, gender or socioeconomic class. compulsive overeating disorder is characterized by consumption of large quantities of food in a short time. COE may be sporadic or frequent, sufferers may feel unsatisfied despite eating large quantities of food, which should otherwise be satisfactory, causing them to overeat. Over time this may lead to excessive weight gain.


People experiencing this type of eating disorder may frequently eat unusually large amounts of food in a relatively short time. This may happen as a result of not eating satisfactorily for long periods or avoiding a specific type of food, probably due to dieting or other reasons,  then overeating it due to excessive cravings.

Individuals with this type of eating disorder usually try to compensate by attempting to purge, induce vomiting, take laxatives to get rid of the excessive food as it often leads to gut discomfort, feeling of restlessness, which then causes the sufferers to avoid overeating or eating certain foods for long periods then may indulge again as the cravings return.


This is an eating disorder that is very common in children and also fairly common in adults. People experiencing this type of eating disorder tend to be overly picky about what they eat. It is popularly called “picky eating” individuals experiencing this type of eating disorder, are extremely sensitive to how food tastes, which can cause excessive dislike for certain foods. This is dangerous and could be detrimental as the unwanted or disliked  foods, may be foods that are required to maintain a healthy body system and as such, they may begin to lack certain nutrients which could lead to deterioration of health.


Individuals experiencing this type of eating disorder may be obsessed with “eating healthy” or “pure dieting” they may become obsessed with avoiding unhealthy food, to a point where it may begin to interfere with their social lives, mental health, and general well-being. This type of eating disorder may be caused by fear of certain sicknesses, religious practices, customs and traditions that require people to eat or not eat a certain way.


This is a type of eating disorder that is unique to pregnant women, who may engage in excessive dieting and exercising in order to control weight gain associated the pregnancy. This is really dangerous as it can lead to undernutrition which can cause serious harm to the mother and baby. This is an eating disorder that is fairly common but often disregarded or looked at as a passing phase.


Muscle dysmorphia is an eating disorder that affects mostly men or body builders.  It is characterized by a feeling of being too small or too skinny, thereby causing sufferers to experience inferiority complex and feelings of inadequacy. This greatly affects their social life. Individuals experiencing this type of eating disorder tend to get into various unhealthy eating habits, excessive consumption of supplements and drug abuse.


Treatment can be effective for many types of eating disorders. Treatment of various types of  eating disorders typically involves counselling, therapy, proper dieting, proper and  regular exercising and in more severe cases medical care and monitoring may be required, early and proper diagnosis is very important.

Eating disorders of any kind should never be treated with levity, taken for granted or ignored, as this could lead to it gaining a stronger hold on the sufferer, and also lead to serious deterioration of health. If you or anyone close is experiencing any type of eating disorder, or strange eating habits, you must seek help immediately and also try to identify and address certain underlying causes, especially in children.

Feel free to talk about the types of eating disorder you or some one else may have experienced in the comment section and how you have coped with it.


You can reach Dr oluwakemi bamiloye via email @oluwakemibamiloye@yahoo.com

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Tips to Help You Find Motivation and Achieve Your Fitness Goals!


Post by: Adam Kemp 

Many women find it really difficult to get themselves to go to the gym a few days per week, let alone train and build muscle.

However, many other women have cracked the code and done this!
Whether you are looking to build muscle or lose fat from your body, the key is to get yourself to the gym! Many women struggle with a lack of motivation to lift weights and train, which is why you should read these tips below!
If you need help finding the motivation to get to the gym, keep reading below!

Set a Goal and Write it on Paper!

If you decide one day that you want to look like an Instagram model or a famous female athlete, the first step is to make a goal.
You aren’t going to transform your body in a day or a week, and it will take longer than a month even!
However, everything is achievable with time!
Setting a goal is important because it allows you to determine the type of time and effort you will need to spend. If you want to truly have an awesome body to rock on Instagram and everywhere else, it is going to take a lot of effort as well!
After you determine your goal, take the time to write it down on paper! Whether it is a calendar, you hang in your room or just in a notebook, write down every part of your goal!
The mind has a very strong connection with writing things down on paper, so you need to use it to your advantage!
It will be much more difficult to lose motivation when you have written your goal down and look at it every day!

Make a Schedule (Cheat Days Included)

Once your goal is on paper, now it is time to plan it out.
If you are looking at your goal but have no schedule of how to obtain it- there is a chance you lose motivation immediately!
Planning out how to achieve your fitness goals will help you understand the process thoroughly, and it will help the situation feel more obtainable.
Not only should you map out your workout schedule though, but you also want to map out your rest and cheat days as well!
Everyone deserves to let loose occasionally, and cheat days are perfect for that. If you sit down and create a schedule of obtaining your fitness goals with rest and cheat days included, I am sure you will be much more motivated to begin!

Find a Group Class or Personal Trainer to Workout with You!

One of the most difficult aspects of building muscle and burning body fat for women is a lack of fitness education. Men struggle with the same exact problem, but women tend to be more “shy” about their lack of knowledge.
The best way to overcome this issue is to either hire a personal trainer or attend group exercise classes at your local fitness center.
Group exercise classes are great for people lacking motivation because you can meet new friends and a whole new support group on the same journey as yourself! Over time, you can certainly branch off to do your own style of workouts if you want.
Not only will you have a group of supportive people around you, but you will have access to a trained professional to help you through your workouts. Your workouts will be intense, but you might even enjoy them!
If you want to take your training a step further, hire yourself a personal trainer!
Hiring a personal trainer gives you 1 on 1 access to a trained professional, and they will tailor workouts directly to your body and physical needs.
Along with this, you will become more motivated to obtain results by making a financial investment in your health. Hiring a personal trainer is not expensive in most places, but nobody wants to waste money at all!

Concluding Thoughts

Most people can achieve all their health and fitness goals after the find the internal motivation to do so. The tips listed above are an excellent start to making sure that you stay on track!

Follow these tips, and you will be surprised how easy it is to improve your physique!

If you are looking for more health and fitness advice for women, you should check out AnnaTargoniy.com!

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Top 5 Wellness Destinations for a Perfect Vacation


No matter how much you love your work and family and enjoy spending all of your time on them, these things can sometimes be really exhausting, which is why you sometimes simply need a break from it all. Just a week or two can help you regain your strength and sleep all your troubles away, so find some time for yourself as often as you can and go somewhere far away from your home. However, this sort of trip isn’t your average vacation, but something more than that – a chance for a rebirth and an opportunity to heal your body, mind and soul at the same time. That’s why you need to pick your wellness destination carefully and think long and hard before choosing it, but if you still need some help, here are five suggestions that might provide you with a vacation of a lifetime.


Though most people associate Switzerland with cold weather and winter sports, you can still find lots of sunny days over there – and if you visit this amazing country in the spring or summer, you’ll be amazed how healing its beautiful nature can be. Even water coming from this region is healthy and beneficial, so you should definitely plan on spending at least a couple of days in this European paradise. Keep in mind that basically all wellness and spa centers near the Alps, including the world-famous Chedi Andermatt, are full of fresh air and soothing sounds, so you’ll have a great time whichever you opt for.


Central America is a huge space that includes a number of separate countries and islands, but when it comes to healing your body and soul, all of them have the same positive and nurturing effect. And what this region is most proud of is its surfing tradition that’s been attracting more and more tourists each year. Although surfing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, you can’t deny the overwhelming effect it has on your body – not only will a couple of hours in the water be extremely fun and enjoyable, but it’s also going to help you regain your power and self-confidence, especially in support groups like Costa Rica’s Surf with Amigas.


The Land “Down Under” might be far from you, but once you get there, you’ll realize why it’s everyone’s favorite vacation destination. Australia offers a whole range of spas and wellness resorts that are going to treat your body and heal your wounds, but also bring back your peace of mind in a matter of days. One of the places you definitely have to visit is The Botanica Vaucluse beautiful resort just outside of Sydney, where you can receive wonderful spa treatments and the pampering you’ve never experienced in your life.


Going back to the other side of the world, Brazil is one the places in South America you mustn’t miss. The thing that separates this region from all the others is extreme hospitality you’ll encounter every step of the way, from your busboys and bartenders to your masseuses and riding instructors. Yes, horseback rides are one of the ways to regain your inner peace here, so give this activity a shot even if you’ve never tried it. Some places, such as Fazenda Catucaba, located between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, give you total privacy and comfort, even blocking your Wi-Fi and phone signal so that nobody can disturb you.


If you’re a fan of swimming and all water activities, you should definitely consider visiting Indonesia and its beautiful beaches. Whether you’re a fan of seas or oceans, you can turn your dreams into reality in this place just a couple of minutes after arriving – and if you’re coming by boat, you could take a swim while your ride is moving! Indonesia is very proud of its tourist potential and the government strongly supports people with its medical and health industry, so you can be sure you’ll find amazing food, drinks and services here. What’s even better is that there’s not just one sort of massages offered here, but you can spend an entire week and still not explore all of the techniques that might help your mind and soul. And if you get tired of the sea, you can always visit Fivelements, a resort near Bali, and enjoy a swim in one of their magnificent pools.

Getting out of your comfort zone can be a bit tricky at first, but just imagine how fun visiting at least one of these places can be. What’s great about the world we live in today is that there are lots of other extraordinary spas in basically every corner of the globe, so don’t be afraid to go to a different location every single year – you surely won’t get tired or bored anytime soon!


30 short heartfelt father’s day Appreciation Messages


Father’s day is an annual celebration observed in over 40 countries of the world. It is a day set aside for honoring Fathers and fatherhood and acknowledging the influence of fathers in our society. A perfect time for you to show appreciation and shower love on that special man in your life or anyone that represents the idea of a father to you.
Your Father is someone who has made a lot of sacrifices for you and been has there for you as a source of guidance and inspiration. You most certainly need not wait for any special day to express love and gratitude these messages can be used anytime.

Here are 30 heartfelt messages to express how you feel to that special man on father’s day, birthdays or any day.

Dad thank you for who you are and all you have done for me I love and appreciate you, more than words can say. Happy Father’s day.

In the world, love may be about give and take but in the rule book of fathers love is all about giving and sacrifices. You have sacrificed so much for me and given so much to me. I love you dad. Happy Father’s day.

To my rock, my guardian angel, my inspiration I love you and value you above any treasure on earth.

Dear Dad, your arms held me when I was most vulnerable, you protected me when I was afraid, the sacrifices you have made for me are innumerable,you have always been a source of strength and inspiration to me. Thank you dad for being you. Happy Father’s day.

You are an awesome dad, a super dad, a source of strength and inspiration, your discipline and words of advice have shaped me into the person I am today.

You are an epitome of fatherhood, a great man by any measure, an exceptional human being. I love you dad

I may have grown up, but you daddy would always be my rock, I appreciate your sacrifices for me. Thank you dad, for being you.

Dad, if I could be half the father you are, I would consider myself a legend, you are beyond legendary, I love you dad.

Words would not suffice to express my gratitude and love for you, saying I love you feels like an understatement. I love you dad.

Dad you are my true life version of a super hero, my teacher, I appreciate all your sacrifices for me. Happy Father’s day

You have loved me from when I first drew breath till now you have been there for me even at my lowest you have supported me every time even when I did wrong by you thank you dad for being there for me.

you are the greatest dad in the world thank you for being my father I love you dad.

A father like no other you are more precious than a thousand diamonds and all the treasures of the earth I love you dad

You loved me when I was wrong even when I rebelled against you,love me thank you to the most awesome dad ever. Happy Father’s day

There may be fathers who laugh more, smile more, give more, do more but there will never be another father who loves me like you. Thank you daddy for being you.

Your strong and wise words shaped me, your caring hands nurtured me, your loving arms protected, me thank you dad for being you.

Dad, I know we may have had the most bitter disagreements and arguments but I cherish each moment spent with you, despite all the drama, you loved me and wished the best for me. Your fatherly love has shaped me into who I am today.

I want to thank you for being a source of light and direction in my life, thank you dad. Happy Father’s day.

Your words of discipline and correction set me on the right path, I owe everything I am to you dad. Thank you for being you.

Dear dad, I owe who and what i am today to you, your fatherly love and guiding arms shaped me into what I am today. I love you dad.

They say home is where the heart is, They say home is where you can always return to, dad you are my home. I love you dad.

I don’t think I am deserving of a father like you, you are a blessing, without you I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Dear Dad, I want to take this time to express my gratitude to you and undying love for you. You are a perfect example of what a father should be. Thank you for being you.

Dear Dad, I want to use this moment to say I love and appreciate you. You are the most important person in my life. I love you dad.

No father can be compared to you, none would even come close to being the father you are, you are the best among the rest and there is no denying that. I love you dad. Happy Father’s day.

Despite all I put you through! Despite all my recalcitrance, Despite being a pain and a source of tears. You loved me like only a father can. I can never repay you. Thank you dad for being you.

Thank you dad for your never-ending love, care and patience. I love you dad

Dad when I think of all your sacrifices for me, I am moved to tears, for all the pleasures you had to forgo, all the pains you endured. I love you dad. Happy Father’s day.

It would be impossible to thank you, for everything you have done for me. I love you dad. Happy Father’s day

Who would I be without you? where would I be without you? How would I have lived without you? I am glad you were always there for me. Thank you for being there for me dad. I love you dad. Happy Father’s day.

If every father could be half the father you are, earth would be a paradise. You are awesome dad.

A father like no other, a father without comparison, you may have your flaws and weaknesses but they all serve to make you the perfect Dad. I love you dad. Happy Father’s day.

Waist Trainer for Weight Loss: The New Way to Get In Shape


Waist training is popular these days because having a small waist is one of the perfect body goals for many women today. A slim waist has been a priority for women for ages.

Since the 1900s, women have worn waist clinching devices to help build and maintain a slim midriff. It started with corsets often worn under Victorian gowns, was followed by girdles, and today we have waist trainers.

Waist Training & Shape Wear

Waist trainers or clinchers are commonly worn as undergarments either to reduce the stomach size or slim the waist. These days these clinching undergarments are known  “shape wear” meaning they are worn to streamline one’s silhouette and make them look pleasant in clothes.
One good thing about shape wear these days is that it has become more comfortable to wear as opposed to the corsets of the past that had some women swoon from suffocation. In the past, corsets and girdles were constricting and uncomfortable. Many women would faint because their corsets or girdles were drawn too tight. However, women still wore them in order to be fashionable because they made them look attractive with impossibly slim waists and billowing derrieres. It’s a good thing that shape wear today is made of a stretchy material such as spandex that is breathable, absorbent, firm yet malleable, and comfortable to wear.
An hour-glass figure is the dream of many women. Also, even if you are not looking for a tiny waist, everyone wants to look good in clothes. Nobody wants hanging stomach folds showing through the garment especially in the popular, fitting clothes being worn these days. So, popular users of waist trainers are women and most of them swear that shape wear does make their waists slimmer and also allow them to feel and look their best in their clothes.

Waist trainers

Can a waist trainer help you lose your tummy?

Apart from fashion, waist training is also a great tool to use when it comes to fitness. One big problem area when losing weight is often the stomach area. It’s not easy to get a flat stomach and it is often the last place from which we lose inches. A great way to speed up the process of slimming down the waist through fitness is waist training for weight loss. A waist trainer can help you cut down your waist size to the degree that you desire if you wear it regularly for at least three hours a day. It helps a lot if you wear one when exercising as you train your stomach muscles back to firmness.
One reason that a waist trainer for weight loss helps to cut down inches around the midriff is that it forces you to cut down on the amount of food and drinks you take in a seating when wearing it. It also helps you hold your back up straight and keep your stomach muscles engaged at all times. These aspects of waist training combine to give you a slimmer waist and tighter ab muscles the more you wear the waist trainer. Hence we can safely say that consistent use of waist trainers will help you improve your overall appearance.

Other Benefits of Waist Training for Weight Loss

Waist trainers are popular among celebrities that are using them to get their postpartum body back. Our stomach muscles slacken after a pregnancy and it takes dedication to get back to having a slim waist. Celebrities such as the Kardashians have shown us that waist trainers can help reduce stomach flab and improve our appearance significantly. There are other benefits of using a waist trainer that many people do not know about.

Improve Your Posture

Wearing a corset or waist training device is a great way to strengthen your back and correct bad posture. You can keep from suffering unnecessary back aches by wearing a corset and correcting your bad posture especially if you are suffering from a back injury.

Get Rid of Your Diastasis Recti

One of the problems that women experience after giving birth is the separation of stomach muscles known as diastasis recti. For many women, this issue corrects itself after they give birth but for others, it becomes a permanent issue as their muscles refuse to heal back to their original firmness. If you ae dealing with diastasis recti, using a waist trainer can help hold your stomach muscles firmly in place after you give birth thereby encouraging quick healing to get your normal flat stomach back.

Good for Exercise and Weight Training

If you are a fitness enthusiast, athlete or just trying to lose weight, sing a waist trainer while exercising will help you hold a strong posture and deliver better results than training without one. It helps you to also be aware of your individual muscle groups as you work out and is a great way to help avoid injuries especially when it comes to back workouts.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Waist Trainer

These are just a few reasons you should incorporate wearing corsets and shape wear in your life. It is important to find a waist clincher that is adequate for your body size. It should be made of breathable material that allows your skin to breathe when you are wearing it. It should also be able to absorb moisture as you are bound to sweat while wearing it, especially in the beginning. Make sure the material is also sturdy enough to hold your posture up firmly at all times.

Waist training should not cause you any pain so don’t wear a corset that makes you feel breathless or causes strange aches in your body.
There are many waist training vendors around and you can pick one based on the reviews about their products. Popular waist training provider will have lots of happy clients that have used their product and can show good results from doing it. You can easily get a vendor online as there are great waist trainer experts always available to sell you a quality product. So why not purchase a waist trainer for weight loss today!

Do not forget to let us know what you think in the comment section.

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