Don’t worry, this article will definitely not tell you to ditch coffee! Now that we got that out of the way, we can learn more about coffee, caffeine and their effect on the human body. Is it bad for our health or does it have any benefits besides its amazing taste and seductive aroma? Let’s find out.

Coffee is actually good for you!

Being a moderate coffee drinker can lower your risk of getting type-2 diabetes, even though scientists still can’t find the answer why. Coffee also helps with Parkinson’s and various types of cancer. Good people from the University of California found a strong connection between coffee and reduced risks of uterine and liver cancer! However, it’s not coffee and caffeine that provide these health benefits, but all those other compounds found in it. Since these beneficial antioxidants and chromium and magnesium minerals don’t come from caffeine, you’ll get the same health boost by drinking decaf (but, it’s just not the same).

Coffee keeps you fit and strong

Caffeine is one of only a few natural substances that are proved to aid fat burning and weight loss and you can find it in almost EVERY fat-burning supplement on the market today. It boosts your metabolism and helps you shed those stubborn extra few pounds! But, that’s not all, folks! These same fat cells that are broken down by coffee get much easier to turn into fuel that gives you strength and improves your physical performance. Plus, it increases the production of adrenaline that prepares your body for extreme exertion. In short, coffee and caffeine can help turn you into one lean and mean sexy machine!

It helps you bring your A-game

Most coffee drinkers don’t even attempt to start their day without a hot cup of joe. But is it all just an excuse not to spring to work right away? Well, coffee actually helps your open those tired eyes and gives your brain an instant wake up alarm! It can also help keep you alert during some tricky situations like nighttime driving, working with a cold and suffering from jet lag. It can even help you get through that horrible hangover from last night!

Instant or freshly brewed?

Instant coffee that has been freeze- or spray-dried not only contains less caffeine but also lacks something else! According to some coffee experts, this type of coffee contains fewer healthy antioxidants (polyphenol) than your freshly brewed kind. This means fewer health benefits, lower caffeine kick and usually a weaker aroma. So, if you want to have all your beneficial ingredients in your morning cup of joe, make sure to stick to your favorite freshly brewed coffee. Opting for the best and strongest coffee beans that are carefully roasted and post-blended will give you all the benefits this magical concoction holds. Plus, it tastes and smells soooo much better and provides a decent kick that will certainly help you get up in the morning! Just be careful with the dosage.

It’s not all so amazing

Unfortunately, too much of anything is bad for your health, coffee included. While being a moderate coffee drinker is totally fine, even good for your wellbeing, caffeine can be quite addictive and you might develop a dependency. Everyone who ever tried quitting coffee or even cutting back knows that it can be quite hard to ditch the habit. Reduction of caffeine in the blood can cause headaches, fatigue and mental confusion until the body adjusts. Coffee can also cause heartburn, heart pounding and disrupted sleep patterns. However, if you don’t consume too much of it, you’ll be more than fine, so stay moderate!

See, there’s absolutely no reason to give up this amazing beverage! As a matter of fact, you can freely continue to enjoy it as long as you pick a quality blend and don’t overindulge. So, now that you know that your coffee obsession is actually keeping you healthy, fit, strong and sharp, go celebrate with a freshly brewed cup!




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