There seems to be a general feeling that you won’t be taken seriously or may not become a successful blogger if you do not religiously stick to your chosen niche.
But hey!! Rules are made to be broken.

Blogging without niche is quite the rave this days. Although it seems to still be tiptoed around or treated like an abomination of some sort.

One of the biggest pressures faced by prospective, new or even older bloggers is getting a desired niche and sticking religiously to it.
Trust me sticking to a niche is really good especially if you are a professional in a certain field of endeavor, it also gives you and your followers a clear definition.

Niche blogging may feel like a prison or create undue pressure

Blogging without niche

Every passionate and genuine blogger out there must understand how difficult it can be to create and churn out original content consistently. Then imagine adding the pressure of streamlined and restricted content to yourself simply because someone (actually no one) said its how blogging is done.

What if I wake up one morning and feel like I want to rant about family issues, share a new recipe, share my recent travel experience, tell you my secrets to successful savings, my view on a particular issue or offer advice on how to handle certain challenges? What happens then? Do I start different blogs for all the things I want to talk about? This is where blogging without niche may be come really necessary.

I find blogging without the “niche restriction” liberating

Blogging without niche

Think about all your favorite TV channels, magazines and news papers do they all stick to one subject? If they do how often do you get bored?
Now don’t get me Wrong there is nothing absolutely nothing wrong with niche blogging, so many successful niche bloggers to validate it, niche blogging may be your thing and that is great, we need niche blogs to follow, niche blogs serve to keep us constantly updated on life’s lingering issues like health, fashion trends,travel,fitness or on topics of interest and passion. As a blogger who is passionate about so many things ranging from sports, family,food,lifestyle, inspiration and so much more, why should I feel like I need to restrict myself? Nah! I don’t.

Most important factor is your passion

Blogging without niche

To be successful blogger you have to want to blog, this goes beyond the money, this transcends the business potential. This is you wanting to blog, loving and totally enjoying the process, yes you are permitted to learn on the job, you are allowed to make mistakes, anything short of this and blogging may become stressful and boring.
You have to care about your blog, let your readers and followers see and feel your passion that is what really counts, so do what works for you. This is m

Become your own niche, build a brand out of yourself

blogging as I have come to learn is what you make it out to be, it should be about you, it should make you as much as you make it. No blogger starts out as an expert, with a large following , we all learn as we go. It is really important that we create our own definition, create our own path and sell it to the world and trust me someone out there, is going to buy it, buy you.

Blogging without niche is a very great possibility

I hope you found this post helpful. Feel free to add your opinions in the comment section.  Also see 7 best ways to make money online

Cheers : )


  1. Building a brand around yourself is a fun idea. You can use your personality or writing style as your “niche” and attract people who like that . . . it will probably keep readers around better than those just looking for a post on a specific topic!

  2. Thank you for writing this, it refreshing to hear that non-niche blog can be just as good an successful as ones that do. I have been wondering whether to niche my blog but found it difficult. So now I just go with what flows and I really enjoy doing it.

  3. I really like how you put it in the end. Don’t get caught in the niche someone else creates. Become your own niche. Which really means making sure your personality shines. That is the goal I think of the best bloggers, to make their personality shine.

  4. I love to be free! Not in a niche, maybe my blog can be classified in a niche by others, but I don’t want! I want to be free to write about everything I want ahahah, from beauty to dogs, no niche!


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