How to simplify your work

1. How to quit an internship with a job offer?

  • React to all suggestions, stand out from others, share your ideas. This will show that you care.⁣
  • Take the initiative. Have nothing to do? So find it! ⁣
  • Follow the instructions. Check your work several times, check with the mentor and never hesitate to ask if everything is correct. ⁣
  • Exceed expectations. Given a rather meaningless task? Make it incredibly good! ⁣
  • Show genuine interest. Take everything from your internship. And they will want to give you more.

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2. How to stay motivated at work?

  • Decorate your workplace⁣. Surrounding yourself with items that make you happy is one of the main sources of inspiration. Funny photos of friends, family, loved ones or pets – why not? ⁣ Make sure that your chair does not creak, your hands do not move from an uncomfortable keyboard, and neighbors do not interfere with your full-fledged work.⁣
  • Think about health⁣. You won’t believe how much our well-being and efficiency at work can depend on what we eat and drink. Endurance, concentration, energy – all of this can be easily influenced.⁣
  • Try to include in your diet water (at least 1.5 liters per day), vegetables, fish, dried fruits, dark chocolate and nuts, and your energy will not go anywhere throughout the day. If you are a caffeine villain, make sure that your daily intake does not exceed two strong cups – if desired, the third can be replaced with herbal tea.
  • “Make a list of career goals”. Nothing is more motivating than having a clear, structured plan. Work through all the options, and track the completion of certain tasks.⁣
  • Focus on the positive⁣. Any work does not exclude difficulties. It’s easy to get bogged down in endless disappointments, failed projects, and failed ideas. Don’t think about them, take every mistake as a step towards success and concentrate on the ultimate goal.⁣
  • Stop complaining⁣. One of the first reasons it’s difficult to stay happy at work is the constant complaints and grievances. If you add to them gossip, rumors and intrigues of colleagues, you will agree that there is no talk of inspiration in the workplace. Avoid people who spoil your mood with their dissatisfaction and annoyance.
  • Reward yourself⁣. If you are showing success at work, if you’ve just finished a challenging project, or have successfully experienced a stressful situation, why not allow yourself to relax? ⁣

And most importantly, remember what Tchaikovsky said: “Inspiration is such a guest who does not like to visit the lazy.”

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3. How to make your working day easier?

  • Don’t plan to do too (!) Much. Here’s a secret: most to-do sheets are too long, which leads to overwork and stress. Instead, include only one large task on such a list, three medium ones and five very small ones (and even less if, for example, you have many meetings that day).⁣
  • Start with the hardest task⁣. If you do the most difficult thing in the morning, then the rest of the day will seem quite simple. Plus, then you won’t be wasting mental energy all day thinking about this time-consuming business.⁣
  • Say no to someone and something⁣. Try saying no a little more often. Obviously, you won’t be able to do this all the time, but if you feel depressed or, for example, you are being asked for something unrelated to work, just say no politely.⁣
  • Organize EVERYTHING⁣. Your files. Your computer folders. The top drawer of your desk. Your mailbox. Take the time to organize all these seemingly small things so that you can easily find what you need later. This will shorten your routine at times!

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