“Always make all decisions yourself.”

We are glad to share with you a new story from Alex, who studied at six universities and told us why money should not be an end in itself.

– Where am I from?

– I’m from the Capital Wasteland. Just kidding, I’m just from the Moscow region. And as if in Moscow, and as if not – the eternal gap between civilization and desert lands!

– Where do you study?

– A funny story with education: for 4 years of my bachelor’s degree I managed to be (only officially) in 5 universities. Now I have a master’s degree for 6, the final (this time for sure) university for myself. So I’m already a BA in Advertising and Public Relations, and (almost, almost) an MA (Magician and Wizard) in Advertising and Public Relations!

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– What have you always wanted to become?

– I always wanted to be, first of all, myself. But we are talking about a career, and this is an ambiguous question. In long-term plans – I am the founder of a transnational corporation because dreaming is not harmful. In the short term, it depends on where the marketing curve will lead. Or end up on the client-side as a marketer/brand manager, or as a strategist/creator on the agency side. At both barricades, however, I already was, it remains only to get into a cool place again.

– Give 5 tips to a young specialist based on your experience?

– Five points are not enough to convey all the accumulated wisdom. But I will try to approach from a practical point of view, as honestly and uncensored as possible to tell what will help at the very beginning of the path. By a young specialist, I mean a student, so I will tell you in a combination of study/work.

My first advice I will send to applicants (it does not matter, future bachelors or masters) – guys, if you choose a profession, and suddenly it seems to you that there is a lot of money in marketing, career prospects and other things – then you should know the truth. This will be when you have several years of a steep position in the TOP place behind you, but before that, you will have to go through at least six months of free full-time, giving up free time, hobbies, make a couple of sores and nervous breakdowns, and a few more sad moments … In general, you will have to spend your best time in life (youth) at work. Whether you need it or not, everyone will decide for himself, but for this, honestly answer yourself the question: is work all that is in your life? And if the answer is no, then you will understand why this is not for you, and that there are a bunch of other areas with excellent conditions.

My second piece of advice I will direct those who are already too late and only have to go forward. It seems that it is not worth studying – now employers do not need our knowledge first of all (even if we read the coolest books and listen to their directors), but our language is English, of course. Everyone is crazy about his skill and tends to exaggerate his role – but there is a demand, and our job is to satisfy it.

My third piece of advice I will send to those who suddenly found themselves on board with us and at the same time know English – guys, study, this is your best opportunity 🙂 You have a chance to do work faster and better than your colleagues, and grow faster in monetary terms!

My fourth piece of advice I will send to those who correspond to the points above – if you know enough, guys, you read a bunch of books in advance and from the 3rd year you are bored and you can close all exams without preparing, don’t waste time at university – go to work! This is much cooler and more useful, I will say from my own experience.

And finally, my fifth piece of advice (if you can call it advice) – if you fit all of the above, why are you reading this, because your deadline is on fire?

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– What pissed you off when you first started your career?

– Nothing pissed me off – my eyes were burning, I was ready to take on any job! And this is what happens, as far as I can see, with everyone except those who went simply to make money – such people also meet. If you are highly motivated, you will close your eyes to any annoying things at the beginning, or a little later you will treat them with irony.

Definitely no need to go just to make money. Money should be a reward for success, its consequence, and not an end in itself. Therefore, choose your first job not by whether this internship is paid or not, but by whether you want to develop in this direction in the long term.

– What do you regret the most? What are you proud of?

– I’m sorry that at the very beginning I could not decide where to go. I was interested in everything, and I moved in all directions, developed myself comprehensively. This is very good for a leadership position, but not for a young specialist who is expected to be imprisoned. But on the other hand, I am proud of this, because in the future this experience will be useful to me much more than I think now!

By tradition, at the end something needs to be added, right? So – there is no universal way of success. Everyone’s going differently and you’ll hear different stories from other people. This is normal. Listen to everyone, think about what you have learned, but always make all decisions yourself, relying on yourself and your accumulated wisdom, and sometimes on intuition – sometimes the inner voice turns out to be surprisingly right!

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