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The sole aim of any business is to make profit and every business owner hopes to achieve this without too much hassle or undue difficulty.

Conversion rates are very important for any e-commerce store owner.

When you own an online store, your desire is mainly to make sales and build your sales funnel. With an effective sales funnel, you able to get lots of prospects that can be converted into paying customers.

There are several ways to increase the conversions (sign-ups, sales, enquiries etc) you desire from your e-commerce store. However in today’s post, I will only mention nine essential tools you can implement to start getting results.

These are some essential tools to greatly improve your  e-commerce conversions.

1.Integrate social media

This can be achieved by,

a. integrating social media sharing tools to encourage customers to share information/reviews about your products online
b. integrating social media login system to make it easy for customers to sign up/sign in on your store as most people are usually logged in to their social media accounts most of the time
c. integrating tools to automatically post blog post updates to your social media accounts this is a really great way to boost your e-commerce conversion rate.

2. Live Chat

This enables you engage website visitors in real-time. Having a Live chat system would help customers make quick buying decisions as they can get instant feedback to their enquiries. You might also be able to proactively contact website visitors and ask how you could be of help. Through proactive chats, you can quickly answer questions customers might have and encourage them to make a purchase.

3. Email Subscription forms

By using email and content marketing, you can build the Know, Like and Trust factor required to increase sales for your brand/business.

People generally buy from those they know, like and trust. It is also said that it takes about 7 points of contact with a business before a person buys from that business.

4. Exit pop-ups for gathering leads or converting prospects into customers

This allows you to offer those about to leave your site special discounts and offers that would make them drop their email addresses or go ahead to make a Sales

5. Abandoned cart recovery system

encourage those who left items in their cart to come back to your store and finish the buying process. This usually works by sending those people automatically generated emails at certain intervals, thus reminding them of the items in their cart and providing them with a link to your store to ensure they easily checkout and make payment.

6. Product Enquiry 

to enable customers enquire about products they are interested in. This can be via a section/page that contains contact information/contact form for your store.

Alternatively, you can also implement the product enquiry system to make it easily accessible via the product page so that customers interested in a certain product can make their enquiries without navigating from that product page.

 7. Wishlists

With a Wishlist, customers can save a list of products they are interested in so they can easily have access to the products when they are ready to buy. Some Wishlist tools allow customers to share their Wishlist via social media in order to encourage their friends, family, colleagues etc to purchase their desired items for them.

For example, a wedding store can have a wedding registry whereby a bride-to-be can select different products she would appreciate as her wedding gifts. She can then send the list to her friends to enable anyone interested in buying a wedding gift for her can do so from her preferred store and gift list.

8. Digital wallet/digital account/account

funds to encourage savings with your store. A digital wallet is an electronic account that customers can pay into for the purpose of making payments on your store at a later time.

Depending on your terms and conditions, you can specify that the money paid into the account fund is non-refundable and must be used within a certain time frame. Some retailers even provide discounts for customers who checkout with the store’s digital wallet, thus encouraging customers to save money in the store’s account fund. This is a way to generate cash and improve cash flow for your e-commerce store.

9. Gift Certificate

By implementing Gift Certificates on your store, you enable users purchase electronic certificates/vouchers of certain amounts that can redeemed for products in your store. For example, you can create gift certificates/vouchers worth $20, $100 and  $500 to enable customers buy and send the vouchers via email from your store to whosoever they desire.

By buying and sending a gift certificate from your store, the customer’s recipient can select her preferred products and would most likely appreciate the gift more because it is what she truly likes. Hence, this is a lovely option for customers who love to give gifts but are uncertain of what to buy.

You can also create gift certificates that allow customers buy specific products and have the products sent as gifts to their preferred recipients.

E-commerce conversion rate

There are numerous tools that can help boost sales and increase conversion rates for your e-commerce store. I have just shared a few of them in this post. However, there are many more you can utilize that are not listed here.

Have you used any of these tools before? What other tools do you use in your store to boost conversion rates? Would you like to implement these tools in your online store? Post your comments and share your views.

Cheers!!  🙂

Ailyba shantwaru is a business analyst and business hack genius living and working in India. You can reach him via his email



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