“Blogging is easy” said no blogger ever. Whoever says blogging is easy has most certainly never engaged in the fine art of blogging. It can be really fun, interesting and profitable in the long run, but it is certainly no walk in the park.
There is so much you need to know, and quickly too, being that blogging is a “learn as you go” job.

Without adequate knowledge of some of the terms used by website owners and in the blogging industry, one may begin to feel lost and confused.
Here are 10 terms every prospective and existing blogger must be familiar with.

1. Content


This is what you put on your web page or blog for your audience to see or read, this is basically the soul of blogging, without frequent content update you cannot keep your audience. This of course has to be original as plagiarism is a huge offense which can be prosecuted.

2. Traffic


This is often used to refer to the number of viewers visiting your web page per time. Internet traffic is the flow of data across the internet. The word traffic is used to describe the amount of data sent and received by visitors of a particular website.

3. search engine optimization (S.E.O)


 This is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid result, often referred to as organic traffic. It is very important that all your posts are optimized for search engines so as to drive traffic to your webpage/blog. Good SEO knowledge can help you rank number one on Google. 

4. Domain Authority(DA)/page Authority(PA) 


This is a search engine ranking score developed by moz that predicts how well a website will rank on a search engine result page(SERP). A domain authority score ranges from 1 to 100. This score shows a bog or web pages ability to rank. Page Authority also developed by moz is a score from 1 to 100 that predicts how well a web page or blog will rank on search engines. You can check your web page’s/blog’s DA and PA on moz.com.

5. Backlinks


A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website. It is a direct link from another website to a particular web resource. This is something like a citation or a reference.

6. Review


This is when an individual who owns a webpage/blog or a brand influencer uses a product or service and writes or talks about it to their audience, giving either a positive or negative feedback which serves as a recommendation to their audience.

7. Sponsored posts


These are articles or posts that are displayed on a webpage/blog for a fee. Read also >> ways to make money online

8. Niche


A niche refers to a specialized segment of market for a particular kind of product, service or information that interests or appeals to a specific audience. A niche website usually focuses on a specific audience with specific interests. Read also blogging without niche

Please feel free to add to this list or let us know what you think in the  comment section.

Cheers 🙂


  1. I feel like I passed this little test, I knew what each of these are but how well I impliment them all is another matter! I’ve got a lot more homework to do!

  2. “SEO” and “sponsored posts” are definitely up there in terms of…well, terms. Real talk will always have these two. Now that i read this, the whole thing isn’t that intimidating at all, I wonder why some of my friends think that blogging or website administration is complicated.

  3. Wish I had come across this post when I first started blogging as its quite detailed and informative. It’s so true that blogging is not a walk in the park as people seem to think.

  4. I think that most of the bloggers do struggle with SEO. It’s such a vast area and there are so many different things to take in consideration that many are afraid of it. But once learning about it, it’s quite easy.

  5. This is a post every new blogger should read! You never know where to start or what half of the lingo means but this really simplifies and is so informative

  6. These are great tips for a beginning blogger. I definitely can use some help in several of these areas. Thank you for the walkthrough!
    (Just FYI, you wrote “bogger” instead of blogger in your title. Was that intentional?)

  7. This is such an informative article and useful for new bloggers. Blogging is not so easy as people think and coming up with new contents takes a lot of work 🙂


  8. You provided a great and helpful post here. This would be especially useful for newer bloggers or anyone in a bit of a slump and needed fresh motivation. Great job!

  9. When you first start you often don’t realize how much really goes into starting a blog and having it be successful! This is a very helpful list of terms for beginners to know!

  10. Such a helpful compilation of very useful information. I agree with all the points, content is so important, it should be unique, clear and useful. I need to work more on my search engine optimization.


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