The world is a stressful place, and being tense has become normal. As if we are a culture that has fully embraced stress with all its consequences. Still, regardless of how pressure, stress, and anxiety are an inevitable part of our lives, it is not something that we should accept as a way of life. On the contrary, given how detrimental to our well-being stress can be, we must find the way to eliminate accumulated stress, to be more relaxed and to live a happier life. Here are a few useful techniques that will help you achieve well-being, calmness and positive mindset.

Adopt healthy habits

It is no secret that quality sleep and a balanced diet are vital to our health. Being rest and healthy makes you less prone to stress, anxiety, and mood fluctuations, therefore, more resilient to everyday annoyances and usual stress triggers. Lack of sleep affects our concentration, cognitive processes and the ability to process our emotions. It also affects our perception and makes us susceptible to negative self-talk and self-image, which can also activate additional anxiety. Eat well and get more sleep to make sure your mind and body are in good shape.


Regular exercising is beneficial to mental and physical health, and it instantly reduces stress. In addition to that, after each workout session, your body releases hormones that boost your mood and shape your positive attitude in the long run. If you are not much of a gym goer, consider another type of activity that includes body movements. For instance, dance can be quite therapeutic. In Brazil, a country with the highest rate of depression in Latin America, women practices samba to beat the stress and improve their mood. Also, try yoga or long walks as proven methods of relieving stress.


Regardless of how unacquainted with the idea of meditating, learn the basics and use meditation to reduce stress. Meditate every day, no matter how briefly, and no matter how bad. Simple deep breathing will be enough to move your focus from stressful events and to calm you down. Make a few deep breaths and think of nothing else but breathing and the air that fills your lungs. If you feel more comfortable when praying, then do that. Establish a personal form of spiritual practice that will relieve you from pressure, calm your mind and nurture your soul.

Treat yourself

Make sure to splurge on a day at the spa and relaxing massage. Working on your body from the outside can work wonders for your mindset. Consider experimenting with alternative medicine and ancient ways of healing relaxation. For example, techniques like acupressure, reflexology or aromatherapy have shown great results in beating anxiety and stress. Many people in Australia go to therapeutic acupuncture in Sydney at CBD, since it is an effective way to reduce stress and to improve overall health. Make your ‘’me-time’’ and do something good for yourself. And dare to experiment.

Cry when you feel like it, but laugh too

Laughter and crying are physical reactions and a powerful tool when it comes to relieving stress. Anxiety, dissatisfaction, and sadness need to get out of our system, and tears are a great way to let it all out. On the other hand, laughter is the most natural way to activate happy hormones, like dopamine, and to disrupt the negative flow that was going on in your mind and body. Make sure to spend more time laughing, whether spending time with friends, watching funny videos on youtube or being a regular visitor to a local stand-up bar.


Being happy, focused and calm should be our natural state. Unfortunately, circumstances in this modern world of ours do not allow us to be ourselves. Since we have forgotten how to be happy, and since happiness requires work and effort, follow these tips and in time, it will get back to you.


  1. Helpful tips.we all go through one form of stress or the other.with these tips I can be sure to be happier and stress free

  2. These are all great tips to live a stress-free life. Although difficult, it’s still attainable. I need to start working out consistently, as it helps keep my stress level at an all-time low. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Eating healthy and meditation works great for me in times when I feel so much stress. But cry and laugh too is one of my favourite tips from your post. Holding stress isn’t healthy.

  4. Meditate is something I need to make sure i do everyday! I want to live a more joyous life and i think meditation will elevate it more!

  5. I want to try your tips and I’m going to start now. I let my chronic pain dictate my life and I’ve got to stop that. I’m going to start with eating healthy today and work on thru your very valuable list.

  6. Self-care is extremely important and the things you listed are perfect. Remembering to treat yourself is a common one people forget. It can be so rewarding!


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