Dating over 40

Society and pop culture have tacitly defined love and dating to be a juvenile affair, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Dating can be fun and enjoyable at all appropriate ages if done right. Dating can be a daunting affair for anyone and at any level of life but the older we get as humans, the less likely we are to want to put up with the emotional rigors and hassles that come with dating, which can make it a little bit more of a challenge.
Dating when you’re  over 40 can pose certain unique challenges and top on that list would be meeting people.

There are dating services and sites specifically for older people.

Meeting potential dates may no longer be as easy as walking into a bar and winking at the first damsel or bloke you see(at least that’s the way the movies make it seem), or simply asking friends to hook you up with their siblings or cousins. At this point in your life society tacitly expects you to have settled down into a dream marriage with a dream family and planning towards a happy retirement by the countryside, but if there’s any prominent lesson life has taught us, it is that things do not always go as we expect or plan.

These expectations mean that it can be a little bit more difficult to find singles interested in dating over 40 the conventional ways not just singles but singles willing to mingle.

Thankfully there are great sites and dating services that are specifically for older people. Older dating online has very effectively solved the humongous challenge of meeting singles over 40, so you can comfortably register on any quality site of your choice and begin to seek out potential dates.

Where and how to date may pose a bit of a challenge

Dating over 40Individuals in their 40s or above are usually so set in their ways, that thinking or acting outside their comfort zone and areas of experience and expertise may seem like a very big ask. Since bungee jumping, wild park rides and partying like there’s no tomorrow may not make the best dating options for older couples, due to some obvious reasons of course. They tend to resort to more expensive options, or even settle for chance meetings which may greatly serve to extinguish the flames of love. It need not be so at all, as there are so many great dating ideas and options to explore without feeling out-of-order.

Here are some amazing dating options you can explore.

Dinner dates
Casual strolls in the park
Dog walk trips
A boat ride
Take dancing or cooking classes
Attend concerts
Exploring the outdoors
Beach strolls

Just to mention a few, so you can see dating over 40 need not be a herculean task.

Dating over 40 comes with less expectations, less games and less drama

Dating over 40

Dating as an older person has a lot of perks too, as older people tend to generally have less expectations and due to more experience less pressure too. Older people seeking new relationship hardly ask for or expect too much and are usually more certain about what they want or don’t want, which makes it all more straightforward. First dates are different, unlike your younger days once the nerves settle there may be no shortage of things to talk about as a result of the combined wealth of experience, no unnecessary rules because chances are that you are not new to romance.

Also there is usually more honesty, less games and less mixed signals which is great and can make senior dating less dramatic and tumultuous.

People at this level of life are usually an upgraded version of themselves.

As an older person seeking relationships you must understand that people at this level have most likely had a lot of experience in this regard, they most likely have gone through the rigors, put up with some bad and scary stuff in their life and frankly just want all the drama to be behind them. So you have to make your growth and maturity count. You must be well versed in your flaws and have learned to master and control them and make your new relationship the paradise you deserve.

The little things can feel like really big things

Dating over 40

Granted a lot has changed since you were in your 20s or 30s and dating may have evolved greatly, still certain things never change. The excitement of the first kiss, your first night together, having fun, going on dates, meeting family for the first time, sharing a laugh. These things can feel a little magnified due to the fact that you may have given up on ever having these feelings again. Even the most little things can carry a lot of weight and make you feel like a teenager all over again.

Dating over 40 is not like dating at any other age. It is actually much better, if you want to go for it there is absolutely nothing stopping or limiting you. Older dating online affords you the opportunity to put all your cards out, and build a relationship without risking yourself or family, it also allows you talk about the things that count before even setting up a date. So go for it.

Feel free to share your experiences, about dating over 40 with us in the comment section.



  1. These are absolutely lovely tips for anyone “older” who would like to date… I am 44 and peacefully and happily single but will definitely share this with my BFF because I think this is something she really would like…

  2. Being 38 myself I can relate to many of the things here desccribed! Although I’m not in the “dating market” it’s good to know other people of my age share similar experiences.

  3. I think many people feel that this will be for singles over 40, but we tend to forget that dating is necessary amongst married couples too. Your suggestions are useful to them too!

  4. With age and experience, the better you know yourself. I can totally agree with you that it must be much better. Good to know there are resources specifically for the age-groups.

  5. I totally agree with you that at this stage, people are better versions of themselves. I also liked your dating ideas especially going for outdoor activities or a beach walk!

  6. I find it very interesting when people of a certain age group say dating is hard or they don’t know where to meet people. I am in my late 30’s ( in a relationship) but if I weren’t I know a ton of things and places to meet people easily. I feel like with social media, apps and fun events there is always some type of setting where you can potentially meet people. And you’re right society makes it about young people but I see this changing.


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