It’s 2018, and humankind has greatly evolved, or devolved? that’s debatable depending on what side of the spectrum you are looking from. However there is no denying that planet earth is speedily morphing into a virtual world.
Over half of our days are spent online. Converting this time spent online into precious money, and tapping into a near infinite market would most certainly be a win-win situation, why not start  an online business today.

Here are some cogent reasons you need to start an online business A.S.A.P 🙂


1.The market potential

Online business

The internet is home to over 3 billion individuals, from all walks of life.
According to the united nations agency that oversees international communications the number of users has increased from 738 million in the year 2000 to 3.2 billion users in 2015 and counting. Pheww!!! This statistics are not only staggering, but are increasing by the seconds.
This means that you have a near infinite availability of potential customers, and eyes to see your products or services. Every gender, race, ethnicity, religion largely represented.

CNN stated that the average American. Spends nearly half a day staring at a screen( 🙂 could be your product/service/idea they would be staring at), and the amount of time spent on social media is constantly on the increase. Teens now spend nine hours a day on social platforms.
The point is the half of the world is online half the time. Why not take advantage of this large potential market, tap into it one way or the other.
Throughout history and time there has never been an easier or better time to start a business online, even if you already have an existing business, you need to create an online presence. See 7 ways to make money online.

2. It is relatively cheap

Online business

compared to running a business offline, you would find that starting and running an online business is exponentially cheaper, a lot of online business empires simply started with the of a domain name and a hosting service.
What makes working online so great is the fact that you don’t have to ship any products or to secure the juiciest spaces and locations,rent shops or purchase various items to start, not to talk of the exhausting legal processes and implications involved, and you have virtually an unlimited supply of work tools since almost everything is digital.

3. The unlimited earning potential

Online business

By now you must have undoubtedly heard of names like mark zuckerberg, while names like Larry page and sergey brin may not exactly ring a bell, but am sure the name of their creation does, GOOGLE, and a myriad others, the list of ” internet made” financial success stories cannot even be remotely covered in a single blog post. These aforementioned individuals have amassed fortunes off the internet.
This is possible because your business is open 24/7 365 and keeps running even when you sleep, and being that you are operating in a virtual workspace your reach and coverage is limitless.
You don’t have to be present in order for a transaction to occur, you just have to be consistent with your efforts and focus on the right things to grow and sustain your business.

4. The liberty of time

Online business

working online generally gives you autonomy, and independence which brings with it the flexibility in creating your work schedule.

You are at liberty to choose the time of the day or week you wish to work as long as your business is efficiently set. You get to choose your off days, vacations, you don’t get cut off from friends, family and even your hobbies : ). This off course doesn’t mean you would get to spend all your days lounging, but it allows you to be way more flexible and under less pressure.
You aren’t limited by an hourly wage because your income is often determined by how productive you are with your time, not the number of hours you work.

5. You determine your work station/location

Online business

Oh! the nightmare of daily commuting, not to mention the risks, off course nothing in life is without its risks but moving to and fro and having to cover large distances daily certainly does exponentially increase exposure to various hazards. Working online affords you the freedom and flexibility to choose where you want to work from at any given time and that is definitely extremely liberating.
Whether you want to travel the world or spend time with family and friends your business will always be with you.

Considering working online? but at a loss of what to do? Check out our other post on 7 online jobs you can do from home.

Cheers!! 🙂


  1. I believe having an online business is a great back-up plan, let alone being a good source of running monthly income. No doubt, the huge market is huge with almost the whole world as your potential customer.

  2. I agree, online business has really made it easy for start-ups, small firms as well as corporates to easily connect with customer. Online business is much more comfortable, at low investment. Even the offline businesses are opting for online businesses.

  3. This is really great for me I’ve been thinking of starting an online business now but keep on putting it off for literally no valid reasons. Sure gave me something to think about.

  4. I have actually started my own business a year ago and it’s nice to see how much passive money you can make through being a freelancer. I am actually working just as we speak, from my bed, haha. Love this freedom 🙂

  5. Great points! I love the flexibility about having an online business, I can better organize my personal life! As a plus, I love to develop something it’ s only mine, born from my creativity!


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