We all try our best to be awesome people, well at least some of us, but there are certain unhealthy habits that we may have imbibed consciously or unconsciously, overtime that are harming us and making us into people we would rather not be.

Simply put, a habit is an action that is performed repeatedly and automatically without total awareness or full consciousness.

Your Habits and Character have a direct effect on you and people around you.

Growing up society, family and religion teaches us a lot of things that shape us into who and what we become. Along the line we learn and inculcate habits and form traits that go on to define our character and personality. This in turn has a very great influence on us and the people around us, who are often at the receiving end of our good or bad habits and character.
Unfortunately for most people they are not even aware of these habits, and cannot tell why life is just so tough and why people just don’t like to be around them, or why they keep offending people around them.

Unhealthy habits

Thankfully here at the better Lyf we try to talk about things that can reform us and make us better people.

Here are 40 unhealthy habits that are probably ruining your social life, your mood or just making you a pain to be around.

1. Not being able to say No!: I feel like this is probably the worst and most counter productive “nice trait” on earth. This is one unhealthy habit that most humans who try to be nice possess. Trying to please everyone, every time, not wanting to come off as mean, trying not to disappoint anyone. Well sorry! You cannot please everyone, at least not all the time. Ironically you may end up never being able to please anyone and worse still, you end up totally inconveniencing yourself all the time.
This is one unhealthy habit that is certainly ruining your life, causing undue stress and making things hard.

2. Getting easily distracted in the middle of conversations: well to be honest some conversations are just boring or downright annoying and you would rather just not be having them, and you have absolutely every right to tune out. When you do this very often it becomes a different ball game, especially when you are willing to engage in serious conversations about things the other party may consider as important. It becomes unfair and hurtful to give the impression that what they are saying is of no real importance to you or you would rather be doing something else.
As much as possible try to be in the moment, pay attention and at least give them the assurance that they matter to you. If its necessary to excuse yourself, you can nicely do so.

4. Cutting people off mid-talk: unless there is an emergency, this is particularly rude and annoying, and is a tacit way of telling the speaker you were paying absolutely no attention to whatever s/he was saying. When this becomes a habit, you just come off as impolite and narcissistic.

5. Encroaching on people’s personal spaceasking the most private questions, stepping into the bedroom uninvited, pouring yourself a drink, taking liberties around the house, commenting about people’s body or food choices?…..BAD! just BAD. Please stop! no one wants to feel like they have an intruder in their space or like they are being harassed, be it emotionally or physically, we should all respect people’s private spaces, no matter how close to them we may be so you don’t become a pain to be around.

6. Getting out of control often/Emotional outburstsAbsolutely nothing wrong with showing emotions, or putting some silly people in their place when and if the need arises, but when this becomes often or regular then you have a serious problem on your hands. This just makes you a Person to be avoided and of course a sure fire way to scare people away.

Read on,

The rest are pretty self-explanatory.

7. Trying to always be the center of attention.

8. Always fishing for compliments.

9. Always bossing people around

10.Too much sarcasm

11. Always telling jokes, even at inappropriate times.

12.Talking people down.

13. Trying to always fit in.

14. Trying to please everyone.

15. Giving lewd un-called for compliments.

16. Not keeping to time.

17. Always Seeking approval from everyone.

18. Too much emotional dependence on others.

19. Using other people’s things without permission.

20. An unsupportive attitude.

21. Not having clear-cut opinions/wavering stance.

22. Ignoring direct questions.

23. Talking too much about yourself.

24. Eating food with strong long-lasting smell.

25. Eating with a full mouth and talking.

26. Talking too loudly.

27. Making negative comments about people’s bodies.

28. Keeping a stiff or intimidating countenance.

29. Always trying so hard to win every argument.

30. Bringing up old grievances or making reference to past incidents.

31. Making jest of people.

32. Asking for inconvenient Favours.

33. Changing plans at the last-minute.

34. Being all up in people’s business.

35. Bringing up personal conversations in public.

36. Laughing at people or making fun of them.

37. Excessive drinking/being drunk or hung over around people.

38. Smoking around nonsmokers.

39. Attacking people’s personal beliefs.

40. Complaining too much and often.

Concluding thoughts

The beauty of life is in its transience, our ability as humans to adapt, change and adjust is what has helped us survive and thrive as a species. No person however bad is incapable of change, taking cognizance of the things that make us imperfect and changing them one step at a time and constantly striving for that elusive state of perfection is what makes us worthy of living and inhabiting this wonderful planet.

Always remember you are the most important person in the universe.

You deserve to be the best version of yourself, so begin to get rid of those unhealthy habits.

Let us know what you think in the comment section.


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  1. Complaining too much….drives me crazy. Wait, am I complaining? Here’s a couple more

    Using your smartphone when someone is talking to you

    Replying to someone’s story of a tough situation with your own tough situation. To me it seems like you’re making their situation all about you.

  2. ‘The biggest room in our lives is always the room for self-

    Here’s one eavesdropping on a person and listening to one’s conversation on phone.

    I’m guilty of some listed above….work on it.

  3. This is a great list. I have some people in my life who definitely need to see this list! I try not to do these things and be respectful of other people, but am sure I’m guilty sometimes. It’s a good reminder that we all need to be aware.

  4. This is really indeed! Actually I have a lots of unhealthy habits I admit that! we don’t know sometimes we can already hurt and offend people we should evaluate our self first!

  5. The biggest room in our lives is always the room for self- improvement.
    Eavesdropping on people and listening to people’s conversation on phone….bad.
    I’m guilty of some the habits listed,I’ll sure work it out.

  6. This is a great list! I agree with most of these habits. Having good social skills is really important. This will help many people.


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