Life is wonderful, 🙂 until it’s not 🙁 , When it’s not we must seek inspiration.
In the short time I have spent on earth I can say I have learned quite a few invaluable life lessons and made some wonderful (sometimes really embarrassing but wonderful nonetheless) memories. I have also gained a fair amount of experience and come to learn that while life is transient and evolving some things are unchanging and absolute.

We all have a few scars to show for our sojourn through life, and we must have learned so many valuable life lessons, but here are 3 very unusual life lessons I have learned so far.
They may resonate with you or seem totally out-of-place but they are certainly worth the read.

1. You are the most important person in the universe. 

Life lessons

Oh yea!!  you read that right, and no I don’t mean it figuratively. You literally are the most important person to ever to walk this planet, regardless of your religion, age, race, gender, culture, belief, social or sexual orientation, one thing is certain you are the point of view of the universe, when you close your eyes you snuff out all light in the universe. You are the perspective.
This may sound a little conceited but the day you were born the world began, the day you die it ends, everything and everyone before you is history, everything and everyone after you is a mirage. You literally run this world. You may be exposed to so much information and facts, but in the end whatever you believe becomes the Truth the truth to whom? you may ask, well to you of course. So next time someone questions your value. Look them deep in the eyes and say I run this ………….*** world. I bet this is one unusual an unrecognized life lesson.

2. People cannot really understand what they do not experience

Life lessons

Us Humans no matter how understanding or empathetic we may be can never truly grasp or appreciate the depth of certain things unless we also experience it. This is why support groups are really helpful for people going through certain mental or physical difficulties,because only a person who has walked the road can truly understand the way it bends.
No matter how informed or educated on the subject of pregnancy and delivery, a person who has never  experienced conception and birth would never truly understand the intricacies and emotions involved, no matter how empathetic they may be. People who have never struggled with their weight may never know what it feels like to eat a spoon of rice and gain 10 pounds(lol). A person who has never experienced a certain illness or disease would never truly know the emotional and physical difficulties sufferers go through. Sadly this still doesn’t deter people from offering their expert opinions.


3. You are responsible for the outcome of your life

Life lessons

Oh the sweet “blame deflection” there is always enough blame to go around, and it is  always so convenient to point accusing fingers at others,the government or even the universe at large(sometimes rightly so) but in the end we must all accept that despite limitations, obstacles and barriers, we ultimately are the architects of the outcome of our lives. Your reaction to an issue is more important than the issue, as the reaction would determine how that issue progresses.

Even the most religious people at some point come to the realization that there are certain decisions that must be taken by us. The ultimate power of consent or non consent may not always lie with us but our reaction to even the most unpredictable and out of hand situations is often the real decider of the final outcome.

There are so many invaluable life lessons  but these 3 are invaluable and quite unusual..

Feel free to add yours in the comment section.

Cheers 🙂


  1. This resinated with me. I am true believe that folks won’t understand until they go through. Loved the post. Also the feature picture got me lol

  2. I found out that I’m so much happier when I take responsibility for the experiences and outcomes in my life. I can’t stop what’s thrown at me, but I sure can adjust how I manage it.

  3. Such an inspiring post! Taking responsibility can be hard for some people, I can see how its easier to just blame someone or something else. This really really was an inspiring post, so thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello, Samuel. How old are you? lol. Amen to all of your points. We must love ourselves before we can love others. We can not give what we don’t have including ‘love”. Great insight.


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