You may have this notion (an outdated one at that) that style goes out the window once the baby bump appears along with those extra few pregnancy pounds. Wrong. Style is never off the table, especially now when there are tons of stylish fashion garments made for all sizes, all here to make you look fabulous. So, dear future moms, kindly follow us on a style adventure that will elevate your look in just ten simple steps. You are very welcome.

Get your Twiggy vibes on

Twiggy was famous for a lot of things, her style being one of the crucial ones. Her A-line mini dresses were iconic back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and these types of dresses are perfect for future moms. They enable you to show off your legs (although you should keep them warm with cozy tights), they allow for plenty of movement, and you’ll look stunning. The ‘70s are totally back in style, which means that this is the perfect time to rock a dress like this.

Blazers galore

Stylish mom

As cute as sweater weather is in theory, it doesn’t really apply to future moms. You want to feel stylish, not chunky. Hence, ditch all the long, thick cardigans and go for the ultra-trendy blazers. Black is always slimming, but if you want to be on point, plaid blazers are the way to go. You can choose fitted or oversized ones and rock them in that nonchalantly chic way with whatever you pair them with.

Style on point

Stylish mom

Just because you’re growing a little human inside you doesn’t mean you need to renounce the everlasting mixture of chic and casualness, not to mention the level of coolness a great pair of jeans can provide. You may not be able to accommodate the bump inside your old jeans, but that’s why there are amazing high-quality maternity pants out there to keep your style on point. Just resort to a longer top to cover the elastic waist, and you’ll look as fly as you always have.

Show it off

Oversized clothing, as popular as it is, doesn’t really do you justice at this time. There is no need to hide your belly behind oversized tops – show it off with a comfortable and form-fitting tunic that will, by the way, go amazing with your jeans and that blazer. Grey and black are always great and trending colors, plus they have that luxurious and slimming effect, so show off that baby bump proudly and feel comfortable in your skin.

Style and comfort

The search for footwear that is both comfortable and stylish can be a drag. However, we have found the perfect mix of both and it has been hiding in plain sight – mid block heel ankle boots in a snake pattern. The pattern is the ‘wow’ style factor as the animal print is all the rage now, and ankle boots with a small heel are always so comfortable that you can run around town with the extra weight and it still won’t take a toll on your feet. A total win-win.

All occasion outfit

During these nine months, you are bound to be invited to a classy event or two. When in doubt what to wear, always go for the universally flattering wrap dress. Even when you’re pregnant, the wrap has the power of creating the illusion of a waistline, and it simply looks spectacular on all body types. You can go for satin in a trendy saturated hue for a special occasion, but you can also stock up on more regular wrap dresses for casual days. They make you feel unconstrained as they allow plenty of movement, and you always look like a chic mom-to-be.

The winter weapon

What is winter without an amazing coat? Now, you may be thinking that it will be difficult to find something flattering as the bump grows, but you would be wrong. Slightly oversized coats with no buttons and just a belt are perfect for you – camel or grey are an absolute must. The belt can be adjusted to the bump, and there is plenty of room for you to remain fully wrapped as the coat has plenty of room, given its oversized design. Winter style – saved.

The bag, the bag

Stylish momA bag is one of the most conspicuous, therefore most powerful accessories out there. If you want to mix both style and practicality – be chic but also have a bag that you can use after the baby is born, a classy leather camel tote is the answer. It’s eternally chic, goes with everything, and once the baby comes, it will look way chicer than any traditional diaper bag out there, yet be able to accommodate all your ‘baby necessities’. Again, a style and practicality win-win.

No big patterns

The general rule of thumb is – avoid large florals and large patterns in general. They make everyone look bigger and who knows why they were even invented. Stick to vertical stripes that will do your figure justice, along with trendy and cute tiny polka dots, and steer clear of massive flowers coming at you.

Do it while you can

Soon enough you won’t be able to indulge in such things are regular visits to the salon, so do it while you still have the free time. Get the haircut that you’ve always wanted – pixies are totally in style again, so perhaps that’s something to think about. Plus, once the baby comes, it will be way easier to maintain a pixie than any other hairstyle.

Finally, don’t forget to stock up on shapewear and new undergarments – you know they can make or break an outfit. Your body will change so as it does, follow the new shape of you and put yourself in the hands of undergarment professionals that will make sure everything you put on looks amazing.


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